Saturday, December 28, 2013

Encouragement Survival Kit

This year for Christmas, I made a very special present for one of my dearest friends. She had been having a hard year this year, so I thought I might be nice to encourage her in a special way that would mean a lot. So I scoured my brain, and Pinterest, for different ideas for what I'm calling an "Encouragement Survival Kit".

I found many different ideas, but I felt that most of them were rather corny. So this is my own take on it. A little more heartfelt I hope.

This was the entire thing before I packed it up. It would barely fit in the box!

I got some our closest friends to write her encouraging letters. In hindsight, I probably should have sent out the notice sooner. A lot of the letters didn't make it in time for Christmas.

I had seen "To open when" letters on Pinterest, and had loved the idea, so I included those. I wrote them for things like; when you feel alone, when you disappoint yourself, when you need to know someone loves you, and then put letters in them. I included little trinkets in some, just to make them a little more interesting.

I enclosed them in a pretty box for her, so she wouldn't lose them.

This is one of my favorite poems that I decoupaged for her. It's called "After a while" by Veronica A. Shoffstall. It's quite beautiful.

I also included a notebook, entitled the "Rant Book" for when she just needed to collect her thoughts. And also made some coupons for different things, such as a long hug, or a trip together, just for laughs.

I made a jar of blessings, which had different encouraging scriptures in it, for when she might need a quick pick me up.

And lastly, I made a small CD of happy music, for when she was feeling down.

I had other ideas, but by the end, the box was bulging and it was time to give it to her. But I had more fun making this, and giving it, than any other gift I have ever made.

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