Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mori Holidays: Spring Mill State Park

I recently went on a camping trip with my family to Spring Mill State Park. The scenery was beautiful so I took lots of pictures. Beware! This post is image heavy!

This first set of pictures is from our first hike. It was a rather simple loop, but all the fall colors were gorgeous! 

My brother decided he wanted to strike a yoga pose. Future yogi right there.

Our second hike was to "Donaldson's Cave". Part of the cave is closed off to prevent the spread of White Nose Syndrome, but we were able to enter a small part of the cavern. The hike down to the cave had lots of stairs, with a stream at the bottom.

 All the little black blobs in the shot are little snails! There were so many of them, and they were covering the whole creek bed.

The cave goes all the way through the hill, and you can poke your head out the other side.

One of the main draws to Spring Mill is it's re-enactment village portraying life in the 1800's. They even have a hand full of original buildings.

One of the re-enacter's was making candles. I got a candid shot ^^

Spring Mill is aptly named. It has a working water mill, where you can see demonstrations of how corn was ground in the 1800's. It was fun to stand upstairs and watch the water pour over the mill's wheel.

 It was rather dark on the last trail we hiked, so I couldn't get any pictures. Which was a pity, because I thought that it was the best trail there. However, I did find a poem written by one of the men who helped found the park. I thought it was quite lovely.

This is a special piece of your earth.
Here is a remnant preserved
Of trees and flowers and ferns,
Of valleys and hills and caves,
Of  waterfalls and streams,
Of clean, open sky
In this place
We find a part of ourselves,
And rediscover our roots
In the soil and the water and the sky.
-Invocation, Father Damian 1985

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