Saturday, December 15, 2018

What Unites Us Mori Folk? (Survey)

Hello my deers! I have a bit of a different post for you all today!

So a little while ago I was talking with apalacesurroundedbytrees (a mori user on tumblr) and we were both curious to see what sorts of things unite the mori community as a whole, if anything. So, I made a survey to do just that!

It’s probably not perfect, but my hope is that this little survey will help us gain some idea of what types of things attract us all to mori kei. I’d love it if all of you who wear mori kei participated, and I hope to share the results in a blog post in the future. (Responses will be kept anonymous though!) It will be interesting to see what we have in common, and in what ways we are all different!

You can find the survey here. If you have any questions/concerns/ideas for improvement, send me an email at And feel free to share this little survey wherever you would like. Thank you for participating!

Update: This poll will be closing on 12/31/2018, so please do participate if you haven't already.

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