Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mori Music Find: Vashti Bunyan

Today's Mori Music Find is Vashti Bunyan. Vashti is actually quite popular amongst the mori community, so you may have heard of her before. She is an artist with a bit of a cult following, and she is considered the mother of 'freak folk'. Her music was originally unnoticed when published in the 1960s, and was rediscovered in recent years through old records. However, although people began to enjoy her music and sought out her recordings, she herself was unaware of it. When someone made her aware that her music was becoming popular, she was rather surprised! But after finding that out, she began to produce more music and began touring while in her 70s. Her music is soft, relaxing, and pleasant to listen to, and she's definitely one of my favorites.

Have you ever heard of Vashti Bunyan? If so, how did you like her music? If not, I hope you enjoy! Happy listening!

1 comment:

  1. I really love her songs -- her voice is so sweet with surprising lyrics. Thank you for sharing. xx