Friday, March 22, 2013

I am inclined to think that I dress up to often...

Get ready for it, this is going to be one huge outfit post! All outfits are completely thrifted unless otherwise stated.

                                    Rather casual coord.

                                     Coord for church. 

A pink coord for one of the first days of spring weather we've had :)                                                             

Another casual coord I wore while going shopping with my Mom and Grandmother.

Another spring coord. The necklace was hand tatted by some lovely ladies at a re-enactment I participate in.
The bracelet was handmade by Navajo Indians in the 1950's and was passed down to me by my Grandmother. It has real turquoise! My best friends dad said this coord reminded him of the sound of music ;)

 This is my first time experimenting with dark Mori. Please ignore my hair and the lighting. It was rather late when I took this picture.I'm not sure what I think of this coord as a whole, but I'm absolutely in love with this dress! It's an adorable print, and the pockets are so deep and huge!

 A lacey pink coord for church. I am so in love with how this coord turned out :) It makes me feel like a princess!

And now for some extras

My first try at casual fairy kei. The skirt is from some off brand Korean store. The bows are handmade by me.

A casual dolly kei coord. The carpet shoes are from T. J. Maxx.

Another casual Dolly Kei coord.

I hope you enjoyed these outfits as much as I enjoyed putting them together.  Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Outfit Time!

So, seeing as this is my mori blog, I feel like I should post some outfit shots; So here goes!

Outfit one!

photo (1)

Everything here is thrifted, except for my tights which are from H&M, and my shawl which is vintage. We were running around with my little cousins that day, so no hair accessories or anything.

photo (6)

Close up of my basket :) I added all the lace, ribbon, etc. myself!

photo (5)

My new Mori watch I got at Kohls!

photo (3)

Bonus shot looking down :)

Outfit two!

This was a warmer outfit, for a cold front we had. Again, everything is thrifted, except my sweater. That I got for Christmas. And also my necklace, which is from Claire's.

Outfit three!

This was a bit of an experimental outfit, but I think it turned out ok. Everything is thrifted except the shawl, which is vintage. And the leg warmers are from Target.

Well that's all for now :) Thank you for looking!