Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Little Things: Incorporating Mori Things into a Busy Life

As many of you know, I moved to Japan around a year ago. It was a wonderful move and a true dream come true for me, but such a big move has meant a lot of changes in my life. The biggest two are a busy schedule and a professional dress code, both of which mean I don't have much time or energy to wear mori fashion like I used to. 

However, just because you're busy doesn't mean you can't enjoy mori fashion or lifestyle in your daily routine! So today I want to share a few small things I do to make my everyday life feel more mori. Maybe, if you're also busy like me, you can enjoy some of these things as well!


1) Wear forest colors and neutral palettes: One of the things that makes mori stand out as a style is its natural, forest-y color palette! And luckily enough, it's easy to incorporate these colors into any outfit. Simply swap out your bright colors for some mossy greens and soft floral colors, or trade in your blacks and greys for some browns and cremes.

2) Find clothing with small mori details: Mori fashion is all about the details, so adding a small touch to your regular outfits can really liven them up. For example, add a small lace detail, wear a small forest-themed brooch, wear something with a cute floral or natural pattern, or even add a scarf or sweater for an extra layer.

3) Wear natural fabrics: Mori is all about fabric type as well. Natural fabrics, or fabrics that look natural, make the style easily distinguishable. Try adding a linen shirt to your outfit, or a wool jacket, or a knitted item.

For more info on this topic, see my post on Casual Mori!


1) Take things slowly: Mori is often tied to slow living, and the two complement each other very well. Simply taking the time to cherish the small things in your day to day can help bring a revived mori feel to your life. For example, walk instead of driving somewhere (even like a small walk to the corner store for lunch), or stop to smell or observe some nearby flowers, or take a moment to have a chat with someone. Any of these small things can help you focus less on your busy day, and feel more relaxed.

2) Make homemade meals and treats: If you're very busy, this one might not be the easiest, but a very mori activity is baking! So maybe for a meal this week, try to make a homemade meal or treat you can enjoy both making and eating! If cooking isn't your usual style, start with a simple recipe and work your way up to more ambitious and delicious meals.

3) Pick up a new craft or hobby in your free time: There are many hobbies that go well with mori, so picking up one of these may just help put you in a mori mood. Some good examples are knitting and crocheting, sewing, art, photography, foraging, taking walks in nature, or reading. 

4) Enjoy a few moments of peace with a warm drink: A warm drink does wonders for soothing the soul and mind. Try picking up your favorite tea, or coffee, or cocoa, and simply relax for a bit!

5) Buy forest-y themed supplies for your daily life: A little touch of mori to your home decor can really set your mindset. Try buying small things in mori colors, forest themes, or similar aesthetics, such as office supplies, accessories, and decorations for your home. If you aren't sure where to start, plants (fake or real) and doilies are my go-to!

What little things do you do to incorporate mori into your busy schedule? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below. Until next time, my deers!