Friday, June 27, 2014

Mori Music Finds: The Civil Wars

This Mori find is again music. This time it's the musical duo, The Civil Wars.

If you've heard about The Civil Wars at all, it's probably from their song Safe and Sound, a collaboration with Taylor Swift for the Hunger Games movie. They have currently released two albums, and are recently on a hiatus. 

Have you heard of The Civil Wars? If so, what is your favorite song? If not, I hope you enjoy her music as much as I do!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mori Girl Checklists: Reviewing, and Creating My Own

I was recently inspired by these posts, from Hedgefairy Tales, where she created her own Mori Checklist and reviewed Choco's original checklist. I think that making your own Mori girl checklist is a great idea, so I'm going to also do my own review of the original, and create my own Mori girl checklist!

Choco's Original List (points I agree with are in bold, and comments are underneath):
1.Loves loose fitting one-piece dresses.
2.Wears one piece dresses and skirts as everyday dresses.
3.Prefers somewhat quirky clothing to simple ones (but doesn't really like flashy ones)
4.Seemingly Natural type fashion style with little quirk.
5.Loves to be particular about materials.
I'm not as particular as I'd like to be, simply because it's almost impossible to be so in my area. However, if I buy any strange materials, they'll be thrifted.
6.Loves to wear ethnic clothes.
7.Dresses in A line clothes.
 I have a hourglass shape, so A-line clothes don't look good on me. However, I try to give the illusion of A-line clothes in my outfits.
8.Loves one-piece dresses little girls would wear too.
9.Loves smock-like one piece dresses and blouses.
10.Don’t like super sweet fashion.
I like super sweet fashions and I always have. But I don't like dressing in the personally.
11.Loves deep earthy colors like Bordeaux (burgundy), dark green, dark blue, and brown.
I hate burgundy. Growing up, my house was covered in burgundies. I got so sick of it!
12.Looks good in warm colors.
I look alright in them I suppose. But I think I look better in pastels than anything.
13.More comfortable with short nails.
I have to have short nails because of all the instruments I play, but I think it's okay for a Mori Girl to have longer nails. Just probably not Gyaru length nails.
14.Loves soft, cushy knit or fur caps.
15.Loves ear muffs.
16.Loves ponchos and boleros.
17.Likes to have leather bags.
18.Uses pochette at every chance.
Way to small. I carry my whole world in my bag.
19.Prefers gold accessories to silver ones.
I do like silver though.
20.Finds old items charming.
21.Loves pocket watches.
22.Loves necklaces with large motifs.
23.Loves animal motifs.
24.Loves candy and sweets motifs.
25.Loves checks and polka-dots.
26.Loves retro flower prints
27.Loves laces.
28.Loves tights and leggings.
29.Wears flat soled shoes as default foot-wears
30.Loves round-toed shoes.
31.If wearing sneakers, they must be slip-ons that’s loose fitting and cute.
If I have to wear sneakers, they'll be good practical sneakers, not fashionable ones. (although if they're cute, that doesn't hurt!)
32.Prefers cloth buttons to ordinary buttons
33.Loves to wrap scarves and stoles all the way around the neck.
34.The default winter wears are turtlenecks.
I look unbelievably ugly in turtlenecks. They just aren't for everyone.
35.Loves to wear layers.
36.Feels the pangs for puffed sleeves.
But only if they're long/longer. Short puffy sleeves look awful on me.
37.Loves fairy tales.
38.Have light complexion.
I have a light complexion, but I don't think this really has anything to do with being a Mori Girl.
39.Soft curled hair.
I'm guessing this means wavy hair. Which I have.
40.Bob cut with short bangs.
41.Short bangs, long hair with curly hair.
I am girlie-girlie looking, but seeing as I grew up with three younger brothers, I can be a tomboy if I want to.
43.Loves Felissimo.
44.Loves especially Syrup and Snow Fellisimo
45.Loves the vibe of Q-pot candy-shaped accessories.
They're okay, but I wouldn't say I love them, or find them particularly Mori.
46.Loves to chill at cafes.
47.Loves to take a walk with a camera in a hand.
I'm not super big on taking hundreds of pictures like the "stereotypical" Mori girl. I do love walks though, and I do like taking pictures, just not as much as some.
48.Before you know, you would be shopping one small shops to the next.
49.A collector, have a habit of collecting things you love.
I don't like collecting. I try to live simply and not over clutter my life.
50.Feels happy when you find cute books at bookstores.
51.You get exited when you at furniture store.
52.Loves hand-made stuff.
53.Loves winter and autumn as far as the seasons go.
I'm not fond of the cold. Spring is my favorite season, but I like winter because I get to bundle up in layers.
54.Wants to travel to northern Europe someday.
Yes please! Specifically Ireland.
55.Likes to put round make-up on cheeks.
I hardly ever wear make-up.
56.If you are going to put any perfumes, you’d like faint flower scents.
57.A girl with soft air about her (or longs to be one)
58.A girl with pure and clear air (or longs to be one.)
59.You were told you permeates a laid-back aura at all time.
60.You consider Hagu from “Honey and Clover” is a Mori Girl.
Hagu is annoying. Sorry, but it's the truth. She does look like a Mori girl though, I'll give her that.
61.Shizuru Satonaka from “Tada, kimi wo aishiteru (I simply love you)” is also a Mori Girl
I've never seen this drama, so I'm only going by looks, but she definitely looks the part.
62.A friend told you that you look like you belong in a forest
I was so excited when one of my friends said this, but I was even more excited when someone I didn't know very well told me this.

I think Choco's list tends to be more fitting for the Japanese Mori girl living in the city, and focuses more on the outward than the inward qualities. That being said, I don't think it's particularly "anti-Mori girl" per say. I think it is more of a loose guideline for a different type of people. Also, Mori girl has grown and changed since this list was published. Keeping that in mind, I've compiled my own list; using my own points, as well as Hedgefairy Tales' and Choco's. 

My own list (points made by Hedgefairy Tales in bold and points made by Choco in italics):
  1. Loves to be outside
  2. Natural, dusty colours with lower saturation for basics; like ash hues, beiges, browns or greens
  3. Accent with natural or soft colours; such as reds, greens, blues, and floral colours like pinks and purples.
  4. Loves round-toed shoes.
  5. Shoes have to be somewhat sensible; as in that one should be able to walk a while, run or climb in them.
  6. Doesn’t care too much about their clothes and if they get stained or ripped. Things like these happen and cloth can be mended and washed.
  7. Natural looking hair (open to interpretation), preferably your own natural colour (but not required). 
  8. Metal jewelry often has an antique finish or patina
  9. Always carries a notebook and a pen for sketches and ideas (this fits so much better than the camera stereotype for me!)
  10. Prefers bags that hold at least said notebook and pen, a small bottle of water, a snack and some trinkets that might prove useful during their adventures plus some extra space for finds and souvenirs.And prefers bags with straps long enough to fit over at least one shoulder comfortably, or rucksacks 
  11. Wears organic/natural fibers as much as possible
  12. Is inspired by fairy tales
  13. Loves mismatched everyday items such as furniture, dishes and socks
  14. Loves laces
  15. Loves to wear layers.
  16. Enjoys making their own clothes, accessories and/or everyday items
  17. Has or wishes for a kitchen garden to work in or  grows edible things on their windowsill
  18. Loves mountains, the sea, or forests, or any combination thereof.
  19. Cares about where their food comes from, especially with animal produce
  20. Recycles and reuses as much as possible
  21. A girl with pure and clear air (meaning true to herself)
  22. Prefers trains, bikes and their feet to cars, planes and busses
  23. Finds old/vintage items charming
  24. Thrifting or handing-down is preferred to new items, and more fun, too
  25. Brooches and badges are great temporary add-ons to an outfit
  26. Make-up isn’t necessary, but if used should be light
  27. Practices some sort of art, like playing an instrument, pottery, or painting
  28. Thinks that Dickon from The Secret Garden is an archetypal Mori person (I'm so glad someone other than me noticed this!)
  29. Fae characters are an inspiration
  30. Loves to camp in the outdoors
  31. Loves small imperfections in the material they wear
  32. Would love the smell of old books, earth after rain or bonfires as perfume
  33. Enjoys each season for it's own individual reasons
  34. Rain, wind or snow are no reasons not to go outside, but curling up inside on an armchair or comfy rug is great, too
  35. Loves to have adventures, on their own or with friends
  36. Like to record their adventures in any way.
  37. Loves compasses and pocket watches
  38. Clothes with pockets are preferred
  39. Likes fingerless gloves or overly long sleeves to hide their hands in
  40. Has a quiet spirit, and can enjoy being alone at times.
  41. Enjoys sweaters and other knitted items.
  42. Loves smock-like one piece dresses and blouses
  43. Wears checks, florals, or natural looking stripes for patterns.
  44. Likes to use leather bags.
  45. Prefers gold accessories to silver ones
  46. Prefers to look natural instead of overly sweet
  47. Likes to visit small cafes and shops
  48. Loves animal motifs
  49. Enjoys reading books, and shopping for them. Especially vintage/visually appealing books.
  50. Wants to travel to northern Europe someday 
  51. A friend told you that you look like you belong in a forest
  52. Someone who strives to have a laid back aura, and tries to be friendly to everyone.
  53. Enjoys walks and picnics in nature
  54. Enjoys a good cup of tea
I hope you like these points. How do these fit in with your view of Mori Girl? I'd love to see more people creating their own lists, so that we can compare and contrast. Feel free to use and review any of my points, and Hedgefairy Tales has offered to let you do the same to hers. Just please link back to the proper people afterwards. And as always, these points aren't a means to push you into a stereotype, but rather guidelines. And I may add or change some as time goes on, we shall see if I can think of anymore.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mori Music Finds: Kina Grannis

Hello Deers! Today's find is music again! This time it's one of my favorite YouTube artists, Kina Grannis.

Kina is a YouTube cover artist living in the United States. She does soft, mori-like covers of popular songs, as well as writing some of her own music. Her music style is unique, and I personally find it captivating.

Have you heard of Kina Grannis? If so, what is your favorite song? If not, I hope you enjoy her music as much as I do!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mori Music Finds: Ichiko Aoba

Being a Mori Girl is a big part of my life, and as such I try to find things that give my life a more Mori feel. Therefore, I am going to start a series of posts showcasing Mori finds; books, movies, recipes, music etc. This post I'll start with some music.

One of my favorite muscians is Ichiko Aoba (青葉市子) Ichiko started making music in 2010. Her music features soft, haunting vocals and fast classical guitar picking. I haven't found one song of hers I dislike!

Have you heard of Ichiko Aoba? If so, what is your favorite song? If not, I hope you enjoy her music as much as I do!