Friday, January 30, 2015

Mori Music Finds: Phildel

Recently a lovely lady in the Mori Music Box facebook group brought to my attention the beautiful artist Phildel. Phildel is a Chinese-Irish singer, who is popular in Britain. Her style is a pop, neoclassicism mix, and is soft and very pleasant to listen to. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists, right up there with Popoyans.

Have you heard of Phildel? If so, how did you like her music? If not, I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mori Box Unboxing + Video

Hello my deers! Today, I have something super fun to show you!

Some of you may know that I participated, and won, the Mori Box giveaway. My box came in the other day, so I decided to do an unboxing video! I've created a youtube channel just for the occasion. Feel free to subscribe, as I plan to make Mori related videos there from time to time.

Here is a close up of all of the things found in my box!

The first thing is this adorable postcard. The deer is so precious.

Then we have some stickers. Seeing as I have a lot of pen pals, this will definitely come in handy!

Next, she included some lovely lace. I'm planning on modifying a dress of mine, and was in need of some lace, so this was perfect.

There were lots of little lovely buttons included. They look brass, but are actually a sturdy plastic.

And these deer socks are perfect. They're very thick, and warm. And the Nordic pattern is perfect for winter!

These house slippers might be the best thing in the box. Miss Kellie informed me after I had received the box that her Mother handmade them for me~!

She also included a tin of her personal blend of Mori Notes Tea. I haven't tried it just yet, but it smells delicious. I'll be reviewing it separately later.

To spoon out your lovely tea, she included a tiny teaspoon that looks like an acorn.

There was also a cherry bracelet. I hardly ever wear bracelets, but I have a feeling I'll wear this one. It's just too cute!

The mug included was rather small, but I enjoy having smaller mugs when I make pots of tea. Also, I should probably be using smaller mugs. I drink way too much tea.

Here's a size comparison to my hand.

And lastly, there was little notebook with a simple floral print.

The inside is unlined, and as an artist I love unlined notebooks.

Everything was very good quality, and seemed to go together perfectly. As of right now there will not be another Mori Box, but I hope sometime in the future the idea can be revisited.