Saturday, June 25, 2022

Bibliotheca June Prompt: Tutorial

 This month's Bibliotheca prompt is tutorial! Despite never making a tutorial in my entire life, one of the things I am most contacted or asked about is whether or not I will make DIY mori content. Although I don't have any plans to make any of my own DIY content, I figured this was a good time to provide some links to tutorials for those looking to create their own items for their mori wardrobe.

Mori Kei Resource Archive

First, this list would not be possible without the wonderful work of The Mori Kei Resource Archive! This is my first and biggest recommendation for any mori resources, especially DIY and tutorials. It's run by a dear friend of mine in the mori community, and you can find so many types of resources sorted by tags.

Many of the tutorials I am going to share today will mostly come from this resource, so I definitely recommend checking it out when you have the time.


If you are interested in knitting or crocheting, my biggest and consent recommendation for tutorials and ideas is Ravelry This community is full of various creators who provide decently priced and even free patterns for all levels and all kinds of projects.

One creator with particularly mori-able and unique patterns is Tiny Owl Knits. You can find them on Ravelry or their Website. Their adorable patterns for accessories and clothing are super cute and foresty.

There are even a few mori-related community groups on Ravelry. They aren't so active (although maybe we could change that in the future!) but there are many mori suitable patterns shared there. 

There are also numerous individual patterns that fit well with mori kei. A few examples I like are Forest Girl Beret by Regina Weiss and Autumn Leaves Shawl by Lady-Macbeth.


On the resource archive, you can find a really good shopping for lace post on how to shop for lace for any various projects and customizations. 

You can also check out a few tips I've posted here on my blog for shopping on Aliexpress, and thrifting tips!


This tutorial will teach you how to sew a simple apron dress. 

You can also find various sewing patterns provided on the Mori Wiki by a kind contributor for all kinds of patterns.

Home Decor

This tutorial shows you how to a make a simple but adorable autumn-inspired light.

This tutorial will help you make your own DIY fairy garden.

This DIY shows you how to make a cloud light! I've actually made this myself and had it in my room in the States. 

This tutorial will help you upgrade your dresser to a cute mori look.

Various Tutorials

This tutorial can be used to make a quick and easy loose shawl. It is easy for anyone and requires no knitting experience. I've made one myself for my dark mori coordinates back in the day!

This tutorial can be used for making cute little lace flowers! Although there are many brooch tutorials for crochet flowers, this one can be done without crocheting experience.

This tutorial will teach you how to make your own Peter Pan lace collars to add more details to any outfit.

This post contains a list of Yule craft ideas for the holiday season.

Hopefully, you can find some tutorials here to inspire you to create something fun for your mori wardrobe! I hope you enjoyed! And as always, if you try any of these I would love to hear about it.