Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to Meet New Mori Girls: A Guide to Finding Mori Girls Through the Web

One of the first things I did, upon becoming a Mori Girl, was to scour the Internet for information and other Mori friends. While it is true that the Mori Community is not very large, like the Lolita community, there are still many Mori folk out there. These are the best ways through social media that I have found.

These lists are not complete nor obsolete, and will most likely be updated often, to be kept up to date.[Last updated: 10/2/18]

Instagram is one good place for Mori Girls! I've found many there. Some of the people listed are not strictly Mori, and some just have more of a Mori feel.

  • 1992emmanuel (no longer mori, but previous mori coords still up)
  • suteki_noona 
  • kittysharkattack (no longer mori, but previous mori coords still up)
  • shopberrydrop
  • monchouchou
  • momochy_
  • gingerlillytea
  • seafaeries
  • georgianeko
  • lost_princess (no longer mori, but previous mori coords still up)
  • sophieneechan
  • cehaicea
  • skogflickan
  • forestsandtea (this is my own instagram)
  • littletinyghost
  • labyrinthgarden
  • nightinrosette
  • baovao
  • whatforbreakfast
  • iwasthesea
  • twigthefairy
  • shojonoumi (no longer mori, but previous mori coords still up)
  • jerianie
  • sara_wolvin
  • whatcaitlindid (no longer mori, but still some nice mori-aesthetic pics)
  • sendohsan (no longer mori, but previous mori coords still up)
  • ikayunsitapratiwi90 (no longer mori, but previous mori coords still up)
  • ravensnook
  • titaniasteaparty
  • elfwoodtreasures (no longer mori, but still some nice mori-aesthetic pics)
  • croche.k
  • seafoooood (no longer mori, but previous mori coords still up)
  • nuzlifahdia
  • s_atoh
  • winter_named_winter
  • cawaii.natural (no longer mori, but previous mori coords still up)
  • kouh1129 ((no longer mori, but previous mori boy coords still up)
  • cachebebe
  • pollymorigirl
  • moonriselan
  • faunhart
  • wildflower_threads
  • mikae.chan
  • emilyquinton
  • mari_strenghielm
  • tradgards_drommen
  • annas_goodies
  • kinokofairy
  • bluehairedforestgirl
  • dreaminggardener
  • mountaintalk
  • peppermintpine
  • bmandarines
  • kawayamamorihama
  • circleofpines
  • underthemagicwillow
  • donna_reyne
  • vintagefoxling
  • rillilolita
  • acchan.11
  • yukko_poppo
  • captainspirk
  • ne_rizhij_lis
  • asleepymaiden
  • the_forest_bunny
  • blossomingwild
  • ylleuadarser
  • jo_at_fablestitch
  • theevergreensparrow
  • forest_spell
  • ___.fae
  • forest_key
  • the.owl.and.her.bluebell
  • themorifox
  • faesong
  • rosysmoke
  • velbe_
  • polly_forest
  • theivorydolls
  • selkie.soul
  • warm_letters_from_you
  • punakettu77
  • maijuline
  • aithnne
  • forest.whitefaerie
  • thedustypoppy
  • mifumi7
  • hitoharimama
  • chiy_n
  • gina_sime
  • lookformeamongstthetrees
  • changelingpunk
  • _iynnn
  • ma____i____ko
  • inmyroom.garden
  • pi4enika_
  • bookish_elf
  • antiquedoll1800
  • rina_pochette
  • restingpetalsig
  • wildflowersandweeds
  • witching_and_stitching
  • moon.briar.rose
  • ____a___a.15_____
  • autumnandtheowl
  • littleemptyattic
  • ____m.1105_
  • katikhu
  • emilka_and_fenrir
  • begumsho
  • lilia_frey_
  • gracesidhe
  • darkillangel
  • lolilaurelin
  • friendofthefaeries
  • svanhyld
  • hoppeta_ichigo
  • shibamiku
  • sayaka.___huku
  • __oyaesan__
  • cuu_p.days
  • naaco0606
  • theveganseamstress
  • hm.mignonne
  • a.k.m_y
  • u____shi
  • murmurgrizz
  • petite.madeline
  • ______miru
  • r_maroro1223
  • aashia999
  • curiesavant
  • saku_zzz
  • brambleandbird
  • dieuphuong1110
  • zhouxiaoji3574
  • kuri_marmalade
  • ___nyn121
  • thishandmadelife
  • quiet_leigh
  • lillalivetandme
  • _______omc
  • esther.w.harrison
  • lacefae
  • milktea3337
  • linhie05
  • liskin_dol
  • ___kinoko__chan
  • miemartins
  • kaguya___________
  • bailey_selene
  • trolltail
  • geminnorum
  • owlandwallflower
  • swaglen
  • forestofodes
  • claire_ophelie
  • friendtoallcats
  • madame_momerath
  • skovlyste.creates
  • skovlyste
  • street.plants
  • bee.mi.bun
  • mori.jayde
  • beautysmuse
  • wistwarbler
  • hadija0234
  • lofi_girl
  • dear.wild.butterfly
  • yumemiruringo6
  • moumousse_lichen
  • mellifera.nymphaea
  • cottonbook
  • elfie78
  • feny_moonlight
  • ke_i.c
  • my_shabby_french_life
  • somnium0927
  • candiikuma
  • magicmori
  • mori.fairytales
  • fenyomag
  • mori_majo
  • floraljelly.fish
  • hany_and_clover
  • amalia_corner
  • hazelwitchy
  • linen_linne
  • aratama2013
  • usagisan0510
  • sproutmother
  • mii510214
  • ho.bunny_96
  • mustikkalehti
  • ferskenvann
  • atelierdefrigg
  • leafs.life.laura
  • kesstiel
  • spica.0510
  • magic_mori

There is an official Mori Girl group located here on LiveJournal. It's not incredibly active, but still has many active members. Posting is sparse though. Maybe some new members might bring the community more life! (You have to join in order to see posts.) [Is now completely inactive, but still has a lot of good resources from previous posters.]

There are many Mori bloggers out there, and I discover new blogs every day! But here is my current list. Again, some of these bloggers are not strictly Mori, or just have a Mori feel.
Some of these Blogs haven't been updated in a while, but have good Mori resources. So I've listed them anyway.

If you have an account on facebook, the Society of Mori Girl Bloggers is a good place to join. Most of the Mori Girl bloggers use this group to communicate with each other.

There are also sometimes regional Mori groups on facebook, as well as a few with members all across the world. (Such as Heartland Mori, Mori Girl Italia, Mori Girl Espanolas, International Mori Fashion and Lifestyle [most active], UK Mori Girl Club, Mori Girls (2), Find Mori Pen Pals, Christian Mori Girls, and Mori Girl Book Club) And some bigger cities have Mori groups. It's worth doing some research to see if your area has one. Unfortunately though, if you live in a smaller city like I do, there usually aren't many other Mori folk living around you.

Tumblr is also a good way to find Mori friends. (Again, some of these bloggers are not strictly Mori, or just have a Mori feel.) A few you might like:

These are the current ways I have discovered other Mori friends. But I think the best way is to just actively be searching. Unlike other Japanese fashion groups, we are relatively small. So it takes more searching to find those in the Mori Community. Just don't give up! There are other Mori folk out there, I promise.

I would like to see more Mori folk on Spotify as well. Spotify is a free music service (when on the computer) and can be used to compile music playlist that you can share with friends. It would be wonderful to find more Mori folk sharing their favorite Mori music!
Update: There are a few playlist that I've found: here, here, and here. Also, the International Mori Fashion and Lifestyle facebook page has opened a sub-page, called Mori Music Box, where you can share your own Mori Music Finds, and hear others suggestions!

This is all I have for now, but if I've forgotten anything, or anyone, please message me and let me know! Also, if you've joined any of the things mentioned, message me. I love meeting new Mori friends! I'll also be posting a list of my personal favorite Mori resources next. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mori Girl vs. Natural Kei: How to spot the differences.

Notes: This post is now quite old and rather outdated. I made a new updated post here that has more accurate information, as this post contains some old rumors and incorrect information. I recommend checking it out as well. Thanks!

(This post was updated December 2018.)

When first venturing into the vintage and feminine side of Japanese fashion, it can be hard to differentiate between Mori Girl and her sister styles, such as Natural kei, Dolly Kei, and Cult Party Kei. All of these styles have similarities, but each are their own unique styles nonetheless. That is why I am creating this quick guide to the most commonly confused styles: Mori girl and Natural Kei. Hopefully, after reading this post, you'll be able to spot the differences yourself!

Mori Girl fashion was created with the forest in mind. Mori Girls are categorized by the fact that they look like they dwell in the forest. Mori Girl has taken some inspiration from Natural Kei, but is very much a style of its own.

Typically, Mori Kei's most prominent features are lots of lace, many flowing layers, and natural color tones, with little bits of color thrown in. Personally, Mori Girls remind me of little forest fairies.

Mori's sister style Natural Kei was created with the forest in mind as well, but not in the same sense as Mori Girl. Natural Kei style should remind you more of a girl who lives in a cottage in a small town on the English or French countryside. The style was originally created in the 70's, so the traditional look has pretty much died out, although not completely.

Natural Kei's most prominent features are things like layers of ruffled skirts, bold floral and prairie prints, and lots of bold color contrasts. It personally reminds me of Little House on the Prairie.

However, Natural Kei does have some things in common with Mori Girl, which mean that some outfits can pass as either style, and it still will be acceptable to call it whichever you please.
But also remember, there are no set rules for the Mori Girl fashion or lifestyle. There is the official Mori Girl checklist from mixi, but by no means consider this the set in stone rules. You don't have fit with every single thing on this checklist to be a Mori Girl. You also don't have to dress Mori Girl 24/7 to be one. I think it's perfectly acceptable to dress in other styles sometimes, and still classify yourself as a Mori Girl.

Feel free to blend and experiment with styles. Find out what you really love! But until then, I hope you found this post helpful. Good luck diving into the forest dwellers world!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Another Outfit Dump

 It's been some time since I've posted any of my outfits, so I have a rather large amount. Hope you enjoy them! 

All Outfits are entirely thrifted.

My Mori Girl Coords:

Various other Coords (styles listed):

Simple Gyaru Coord.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Coord (for my churches Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.)

Gyaru Coord

Sailor Coord

Otome Kei Coord

No Specific Style.