Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Mori Music Finds: Misc (2)

Hello my deers! I have another miscellaneous collection of mori music for you all today! Some of these are more popularly known mori songs, and others are things I have discovered that I think have a very mori feel to them. Regardless, I hope you enjoy listening to all of them, and that you find something new!

"Morning" by YeYe

"Yurayura" by Yeye

"Picnic" by Gutevolk

"Signal Waltz" by Linus' Blanket

"Baibaba Bimba" (Live Version) by Tenniscoats

"After the Rain Last Night" by the indie/mori girl band, Chocopurin (check out their ep here)

"Hello" by Adele (Remixed Cover by Table for Two)

"Pins" by Notjustblonde

"Journey On" by Ragtime Reinvented

"Bury Me Beneath the Willow" (Traditional American Folk Song) performed by Leah Dolgoy

"King of the Fairies" by Wendy Songe

Monday, September 17, 2018

Mori Magazine Scans Archive

One of the worst things I have found about being new to a fashion that is long past its popular days is that many of the "quintessential mori things" have long since faded into obscurity. For instance, brands have closed their stores, bloggers have deleted their content, and many of the fashion icons have left the j-fashion scene altogether. However, there is one thing that has always worried me above the rest with mori kei's growing inactivity, and that is the fact that all mori magazines have since stopped being printed and published.

Although it may be almost impossible to find a printed copy of most magazines these days, there are some amazing people who have taken to scanning their own copies of these elusive magazines and making them available for others to read online. I had been planning for ages to create a post with links to all of the resources that I have compiled over the years of magazine scans, and the links had been sitting in a blog post, unedited, for quite some time. Recently, I decided to open up the post once again and prepare it for publishing and to share with all of you. But, to my horror, I found that the majority of these links were so old that they had become inactive!

Finding all of these links slowly becoming inactive stirred a bit of a panic in me, and after I overcame my shock, I decided to do something about this. I couldn't simply let such important pieces of mori fashion's history be lost, so I decided to download every magazine I could find and re-upload them all in one safe place.

It has taken me quite a while to compile all of these resources, but I've searched every inch of the internet I could find looking for them, and I think have all of what's left now. So, I created a google drive folder that is open to the public that includes all of these scans, as well as the links to those who provided them (for as long as their sites and downloads stay active) and the only places I can find to purchase mori magazines on the internet.

Although I feel I've been pretty thorough in my collection of resources, I know that there are some magazines I am missing, or some that are incomplete or could be in higher quality. I also know that there might be some websites out there offering scans that I have missed. So, if any of you come across or have any of these scans that you notice I am missing, I would super grateful if you let me know. I set up an email for this archive for that purpose, moriscansarchive@gmail.com, that you can contact if you'd like.

If you have any more questions about this archive or the sources from which this archive's content came from, please read the document listed in the folder. It should answer all of your questions, but if it doesn't, feel free to comment here or email me, and I will try my best to answer you.

Have fun viewing these resources, and I hope they inspire you as they have many mori folk before you!

(Backup link, just in case, for if the hyperlink stops working: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aEzXce-XaynToS-CeHWbfRRCAse9nrdQ) 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mori Music Finds: Youmou and Ohana 羊毛とおはな

Today's Mori Music Find is Youmou and Ohana (羊毛とおはな). This duo is no longer actively creating music, but their beautiful, soft, acoustic sound is still charming and definitely worth a listen. Both their music and their music videos are charming and contain many natural, mori-like themes. In addition, Ohana often wears some very mori-esque coordinates.

Have you ever heard of Youmou and Ohana? If so, how did you like their music? If not, I hope you enjoy! Happy listening!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

My Mori Inspirations

A while back, I had a discussion with a few other mori folk about our mori inspirations. There are so many inspirational outfits, people, and brands out there to choose from, but it was quite fun to narrow down specific things that have inspired me the over the years. I thought it might be fun to share them here on my blog with you all as well! 

1) My first inspiration has always been the Wonder Rocket Shop workers. Although the shop has since closed its doors in Harajuku, the lovely workers there still prove a big inspiration to me. They always had such amazing coords, and I still look to their old photos for inspiration all of the time.

2) The main model for the shop Dear Li on Taobao has always been another inspiration of mine. She's one of the original mori icons and is pretty well known, and for good reasons! She's always so adorable, and her coords are so flowy and delicate. (She's known as dearlanglang on instagram, by the way, if you want to look at more of her photos.)

3) One of my inspirations that is probably a bit odd would have to be Victorian era fashion for little girls. There's just something about a pinafore that inspires me! I can't describe it very well, but I love the silhouette all the same.

(Illustrations are from the Samantha American Girl Doll book series.)

4) A mori girl that has inspired me that I've mentioned before is Nagashima Yuki. She was an old school mori girl who has since disappeared from the internet. But, when she was active, she had hundreds of different coordinates on her Instagram. A few pictures of her coords are still out there if you know where to look. She was one of my first inspirations and one of the first people who got me interested in the style.

5) Tasha Tudor is another inspiration of mine, but less for fashion and more for lifestyle. To keep things simple, she was the ultimate lifestyle mori girl. And, she was a talented artist as well! I love looking at pictures of her at work in her garden. She always looks so content.

6) Aoi Yu is another well-known mori icon, but I still love her all the same. All of her magazine photo shoots have such a cozy feel! They never fail to inspire me.

7) A lesser-known inspiration of mine is Julie Arkell. She's not actually a mori girl, but her clothing definitely has a mori flare. She's an adorable folk artist and her outfits reflect her colorful, fun, and amazing personality. She's definitely an inspiration for older mori folk!

9) Finally, one of my longest inspirations has always been, and always will be, the band Popoyans. Not only are they the quintessential mori band and amazing musicians, but their outfits and personalities are also so charming as well.

So, how about you? What or whom are your mori kei inspirations? I'd love to hear about them down below!