Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Outfit Time!

So, seeing as this is my mori blog, I feel like I should post some outfit shots; So here goes!

Outfit one!

photo (1)

Everything here is thrifted, except for my tights which are from H&M, and my shawl which is vintage. We were running around with my little cousins that day, so no hair accessories or anything.

photo (6)

Close up of my basket :) I added all the lace, ribbon, etc. myself!

photo (5)

My new Mori watch I got at Kohls!

photo (3)

Bonus shot looking down :)

Outfit two!

This was a warmer outfit, for a cold front we had. Again, everything is thrifted, except my sweater. That I got for Christmas. And also my necklace, which is from Claire's.

Outfit three!

This was a bit of an experimental outfit, but I think it turned out ok. Everything is thrifted except the shawl, which is vintage. And the leg warmers are from Target.

Well that's all for now :) Thank you for looking!

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