Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I can't wear mori kei because...

If you've been involved in mori kei for any period of time, you've probably met people who have excuses why they can't wear mori. You may even be that person. The one who has every excuse under the sun why mori is a nice thing, but they can't wear it. It's honestly one of the things that frustrates me the most. This is because I am of the opinion that anyone can wear mori. Anyone at all! And so today, I want to address some of those reasons people give, and debunk them.

So without further ado, here are all the reasons why you can wear mori:

I'm too tall...
I'm too short...

Mori girls come in all heights! From short little forest fairies, to tall ethereal elven figures. Both are beautiful, and both look great in the fashion! Besides, you can wear any style and look great, as long as you wear it with confidence!

I'm not asian...

The majority of those who wear mori nowadays are not Asian, so you've come across mori at just the right time. Browse the Mori girl/mori kei tag on instagram, and you'll see a lot of non-asian mori folk. Or just look at me. I am definitely not asian, and I wear mori. So boom. Debunked. *air horns play in the distance*

I'm not light skinned...

Although the majority of mori folk today seem to be asian/white, that doesn't mean all are. There are mori with all colors of skin, and they all look beautiful. A few good examples are miagers or c4tbus.

I don't want to wear skirts...

Check out my pinterest board for mori boy fashion or mori girl fashion that centers around pants. Problem solved!

I like bright colors...

No problem! You could wear a mori-inspired style if you like super bright colors, or you could look through the different variations of mori to find one that works better with the kinds of colors you prefer.

I still want to wear other styles...

Most mori folk aren't full time mori. A lot of them dabble in other fashions, such as lolita or dolly kei. You can still call yourself mori and wear other styles as well!

It's too "out there" and people will think I'm weird...

Yeah, they probably will. But let me tell you a little story. I live in a smaller town, where the majority of people wear leggings and sweatshirts, and where fashion is almost non-existent, and I wear mori almost full time. Sure, I get some weird looks, and yes I get asked if I'm from some weird religious sect, but the majority of people tell me they love my style and that they admire my confidence to wear it. I can guarantee that the positive reactions you will receive from wearing mori, coupled with loving the clothing you are in, will outweigh the few weird stares and odd remarks you will receive.

I'm to heavy...

There are plus sized mori too. And they look great. So sorry, this one isn't an excuse either! (Also, more plus sized mori folk need to post their coords. You guys are the cutest, and I need more of you in my life. Just sayin'.)

I have big boobs/curves/other "un-asian" features...

See all above answers...

So I hope by now I have made my point. There are a ton of other things that people will bring up as to why they can't wear mori, but these are some of the ones I see most often. Just know that, no matter what excuse you are thinking, the answer is always the same. You can wear mori! Anyone, literally anyone, can wear mori! No matter what you look like, what colors you prefer, or anything else. All it takes is for you to love the fashion, throw together some pieces, and go out into the world confidently and rock the clothes you love. So go out there and be the best forest folk you can be!


  1. I've been looking everywhere for plus-sized Mori clothes. I'm having a heck of a time finding them. If you know of anyone who is plus sized that sews their own let me know! I could use pattern advice at this point!

    1. Thrift stores are honestly your best friend here! I"m a plus size mori-girl myself. Thrift stores are the #1 place I find things, I also scope etsy, aliexpress, etc. Even many normal, non j-fashion stores have stuff that can be USED in mori. I highly suggest learning to do minor alterations as well because you can take a skirt from meh to mori with a bit of time and lace. <3 Good luck

  2. I can't wear mori kei because I need some mori kei new clothes. I want to buy it but it's pricey so.. (╥_╥)

    1. Try thrifting! It's much cheaper. You may not be able to find everything you need, but it's a good start :)

  3. I loved this post, thank you! Especially for the encouragement for plus size moris. Every time I think I want to build up a full wardrobe, I talk myself out of it. No more!! I'm going to get out my sewing machine and make all the beautiful clothes I've always dreamed of.
    Thank you again for being such a lovely person!

    1. Aww thank you so much my deer! You are too sweet! I am glad you liked it :)