Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mori Girl Variations: Part 5

As always, if anyone has any other terms they would like to contribute, or if you make a post of your own ideas, please let me know and I will make a master post to link them all together. This weeks post are more officially recognized terms. But, they are still not official terms by any means.

17. Mori Boy

Mori Boy is the male variation of the Mori Girl style. The style can contain any variation of Mori Girl influences, and ranges from ethereal, to cool, to just plain mountain man. The layers are still important, and the natural look is still strived for. Some people prefer not to categorize Mori Boy, and instead call all Mori fashion Mori Kei to make it more gender neutral.

fuckyeahurbantribes:  FUCK YEAH MORI KEI

18. Dolly Mori

Dolly Mori is a mix of Mori Girl with another popular Japanese fashion, Dolly Kei. Dolly Kei tends to contain lots tapestry like fabrics, deeper and richer colors, and looks more like a girl stepping out of a fairy tale rather than a forest. Therefore, Dolly Mori contains a more Mori silhouette and coloring, with Dolly kei elements thrown in.

19. Cult Party Mori

Cult Party Mori, like Dolly Mori, is a hybrid of Mori Girl with another popular Japanese fashion, Cult Party Kei. Cult Party often contains use of unnatural colors, printed tights, and synthetic material. So Cult Party Mori uses some of those elements while still retaining a Mori silhouette, and look.

Cult Party Kei

CPK mori hybrid
20. Lolita Mori

Lolita Mori is, just like Cult Party Mori and Dolly Mori, a hybrid of Mori Girl and another popular Japanese fashion, Lolita. Lolita is inspired by fashions from the Rococo and Victorian periods. The silhouette is very distinct, and is the most well known Japanese fashion by far. Lolita Mori may use a few more layers than usual for Lolita, but usually it maintains the Lolita silhouette, while incorporating a more Mori Girl like color scheme, a use of more lace, and sometimes forest related dress prints.


What do you think of these terms? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know below, or in my cbox. (Constructive criticism is always welcome!)

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  1. I'm with the "gender neutrality is better"-Mori Kei people. This always irked me a bit in Lolita, too. You identify as male? Here, have a substyle instead of the whole range. You want to wear pants? Again, have a substyle. I think that's sort of sad, too.
    Anyway, I love that you're doing this series!

  2. Ideally I love mori boy, but it seems that the mori boy in my mind and that of mori boys are really different, so I usually don't like it (the photos you chose are more my taste though). When there was the oji style look some time ago I thought mori boy would have followed that line, but it kinda got absorbed by the current preppy mania. I'm for the gender neutral term too, I think it's kinda funny that the male style is treated as a substyle, like in lolita.
    I love dolly and in particular lolita mori, but I think cult party is the style that mixes better with mori as they have a similar colour scheme, both love lace, fairy tales and antiques and so my opinion sometimes it's even difficult to distinguish them!