Monday, September 26, 2016

Mori Girl for All Seasons

Something that has always baffled me about the mori community is those who say they can't wear the mori girl style in certain seasons. I think that mori is a very versatile style, and one that can be easily adapted to whatever weather you find yourself in!

Take for instance the spring season. This time of year is perfect for wearing a few layers, light sweaters, and brighter colors!

In the summer months, it's a good time for only 1 or 2 layers, crochet vests, and lace pinafores. For me, this is the hardest time to dress mori, but it's still possible!

The fall months are a perfect time to pull out those cozy fall colors, chunky sweaters, and boots. This is my personal favorite season for wearing mori!

And then there is winter, which is a great time to pile on all of those excessive layers, warm sweaters, shawls, scarves, and other winter accessories. It's the perfect time to fulfill your dreams of being a cute and comfortable pile of fabric! (Or am I the only one with that dream? ^^; )

Basically, all I'm trying to communicate is that mori is great for every season! And if it is something you want to consider wearing full time, or something you want to wear every once and a while, it's perfectly feasible for whenever in the year, and wherever you live in the world. So go out there and enjoy mori in every season my deers!

Also, I hope you enjoyed this quick post. I'm trying to post more regularly to this blog, because I really do love doing this, but I've just been so busy recently that I can't really manage any of the long informative posts I'd love to make. Hopefully you'll enjoy these shorter posts! That way I can get more content out more often. Have a great day everyone!


  1. Oh but I despair when I hear or see Mori Girls give up the fashion in winter. There's this perception that skirts will make you cold so you should wear one layer, freeze your backside off, jeans and pants. Keep the skirts and the layers! It's so much warmer!

  2. Good article =) I think fall it's the best season to wear mori girl style (even if I wear mori girl style all the year) specially in november, because it start to be cold outside so we light the fire at home and we begin to wear sweater, big pullover, big scarf, hat and so much layers =)

  3. I agree too! Mori is such a versatile fashion, it can be worn in any season. Surely the thick, wool leggings you can get are just as warm as pants? (And why not style Mori with pants? It's one of my favourite looks!)

    I'm glad to hear you aim to post more - your blog is an inspiration.^u^