Monday, August 21, 2017

Mori Kei things I Don't (And Probably Won't) Talk About

I get a lot of requests for advice and information on different Mori Kei topics, and I love that. I enjoy helping out other Mori folk whenever I can! However, there are a few Mori topics that I choose not to talk about. Some are good topics that I just don't feel like I can contribute to, and others are negative topics I refuse to feed into. So I want to put all in one place Mori things I have no plans on talking about, just so I can address them for those who have been asking.

1) Mori Boy fashion.

I am a girl, and I wear girly fashion, so I have absolutely no experience in this area. So for me to talk about this, I would literally just be pulling the information out of nowhere. I know there are not many resources for Mori Boys out there, and I don't know of any that I can share. The only advice I can give is the same I give all types of Mori folk. Look up pictures of outfits (pinterest is a great resource), study how the coordinates work for yourself, look for clothes at thrift shops, and don't let the lack of coordinates and information scare you! If you don't start wearing the fashion and creating it yourself, then there never will be any resources.

2) Mori for different body types.

The reasons I don't talk about this are similar to Mori Boy. I have a fairly average body type, so I don't really have to deal with any issues I hear other people talk about. I just don't have any experiences to weigh in on, nor any advice to give. Again, it will just take you figuring it out for yourself, seeing what works for your specific body type, and what you feel the best in.

3) Mori for different ethnicities, or skin tones.

This one is pretty simple to explain. I only have one skin tone and ethnicity, so I can't really share about anything else. But I should go on record saying that anyone, of any ethnicity or skin tone, can wear Mori in every capacity. Don't let the ridiculous amounts of Japanese models throw you off! Anyone can wear the style and look great!

4) Where to buy Mori clothes online.

I thrift 80% of my wardrobe, and everything I don't thrift is found either at regular clothing stores, Cracker Barrel (great place for Mori Girl clothing by the way), or aliexpress. Aliexpress may be online, but all I do in that case is just search the words 'Mori Kei', and see what comes up. I have no experience of buying from taobao, or other online mori stores, and I have no idea what store you should visit or where the best places to buy clothes are. I made a post a long time ago about some online stores that you can check out if you want (again I have no experiences personally with any of them), but I don't have any plans to talk about anything similar anytime soon.

5) Mori Lifestyle ideas.

This is a more neutral topic. I've made multiple posts over the years about my changing viewpoints on the Mori Lifestyle, but at this point I don't really think there is one. I have no problem with people who do, I just personally don't.

6) Bashing any person's interpretation of Mori Kei (even if I don't like it or don't agree with it).

This should be self explanatory, and I will never touch on this topic. I want to be a positive, kind place for all Mori Folk. I love how different everyone in the community is, and I love seeing how each person interprets the style for themselves. I'd hate it if everyone thought exactly like me when it comes to Mori. I much prefer the diversity. I may make critical analysis if I ever find something I vehemently disagree with (although I don't find that very likely to happen), but I will never be nasty or cruel or put someone down.

For all of these topics, except the last one of course, I suggest that if you want to see more content related to them, do it yourself! I'd personally love to see more people talking about some of these things more, but as long as people sit there waiting for someone else to do it, it will never get done. If you have ideas or experience, share it with the community! If you don't, maybe you can be the first to make it happen! I hope to see more Mori folk sharing what they know with others, and trying new things. If you do ever share about these topics, let me know! I'd love to be able to use my little corner of the internet to help share your ideas!

Mori Girl Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Name 5 things you love about Mori.

1) The cozy feeling I get whenever I put on an outfit. It feels like coming home.

2) The emphasis on nature. From fabrics, to silhouette, to aesthetic. I just love how nature is so ingrained in the style.

3) The fact that I can wear yards and yards of lace, and that's okay. Like, nobody questions it, because it's just how Mori Kei is.

4) The versatility of the style. There are coordinates I've worn that are so over-the-top that I felt like a literal forest fairy who just jumped out of a fairy tale, and then there are practical coordinates that I've worn hiking or working. And both of these coordinates, and anything in between, are still considered Mori Kei.

5) The community. It's grown smaller and smaller over the years, and many people have come and gone, but I've met some truly amazing people through Mori Kei, and I'm so very grateful for it. Know that any of you, from those I've had extensive conversations with, to those who have only commented once or twice, have made a major impact on me. I'm glad I've met every single one of you, my deers.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mori Girl Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Have you ever lived in a rural environment? If you have, do you think it influenced your Mori-ness? If not, do you think living in a suburban or urban environment influenced your style any?

I live in a semi-rural environment, and I've lived there almost all of my life. I'm outside of city limits, but I'm not quite in a rural area. I can drive fairly quickly to a supermarket or a gas station if I need to, and I'm never more than half an hour or so from places I need to go in town, but even though I'm close to the city the area I live in feels rural.

My house, and my neighborhood, has a lot of trees and other plants. Behind my neighbor's house is a large field, and a decent sized creek. Behind my own house, there is a patch of forest, a multitude of flower beds, and my Mom's garden. I grew up climbing trees, playing in the creek, and doing outside activities with my family and friends. On top of that, I often went camping and hiking as a child. To this day, I still love to hike and camp.

I think growing up in this type of environment, and growing up valuing nature, definitely influenced my style. It fueled my love for natural things, which eventually bled over into my fashion choices. However, I'm not sure how much influence it has had on creating individual coordinates. I don't often feel inspired to create outfits when I'm out in nature. Instead, I usually get inspired by seeing other people's coordinates.

So, long story made short, my love for mori-ness is definitely influenced by where I lived, and how I was raised. But my individual coordinates were not. However, I think that even if a wasn't raised in this environment, I would have still loved Mori Kei. It's just something that resonates with my personality.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Mori Girl Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Who is/are your Mori idols? Who inspires your fashion?

I have a handful of Mori idols. The first is Aoi Yui, who was kind of the original face for Mori Kei. She's not really into the fashion at this point, but her old photoshoots really inspire me.

I'm also inspired by the Dear Li model. The brand had some really cute clothes, and their model was always so adorable.

One of my biggest inspirations in the past was Nagashima Yuki. Most of her coordinates no longer exist on the internet, but I can still remember the lovely feel her coordinates gave me.

Some active Mori folk inspire me as well. One such person is Sailor Ren. She's a sweet person, and I always love her different twist she puts on the fashion and the unique pieces she finds and creates.

I'm also very much inspired by my lovely friend and penpal Laura. Her coordinates are always lovely and unique to her. I especially love her ability to work in color to her coordinates while still creating the classic mori silhouette.

A post shared by Laura ( on

Who are your Mori inspirations? I'd love to hear about them!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Mori Girl Challenge: Day 1

I previously finished this challenge, but it was quite a long time ago, so I figured now is as good a time as any to redo the challenge. I hope you enjoy!

Day 1: Naturally, our first question is how did you get into Mori Kei?

I discovered Mori Kei on accident. It was around 2010, and at the time I was a bit of an otaku. I was very much into anime, manga, and all things Japan. I knew about Lolita fashion, but that was about all I knew of alternative Japanese fashions. During that period in my life, I wasn't really into fashion. I had somewhat experimented with punk fashion, I had a pink streak in my hair and I often wore lace fingerless gloves or biker gloves, but I mostly wore t-shirts, jeans, and converse. However, I felt an interest in Lolita, and I thought it was really cute. But the more I researched it, it became clear it wasn't really something I wanted to do daily. So I decided to google Japanese fashion and see if anything came up that clicked with me more. One of the first things that came up was Mori Girl. I immediately fell in love with it. I spent the entire day looking through pictures and reading blogs and articles, and I decided I wanted to try it out. I was a little nervous about trying out a new fashion however, as I was in middle school at the time and had never tried anything like it before. So I went to my mom, and asked her what she thought of Mori Kei, and if she'd be okay with me wearing it. She thought it was adorable, and she was super supportive of me wanting to try it. So we both went to a thrift store, threw anything we thought was remotely mori into the cart, and tried our best to make a coordinate. I wrote a previous post describing the first time I wore Mori that you can read here if you're interested.

Here are a couple of my earliest coordinates, if you're interested. I made others before this, but they were really bad so I never shared them, or took pictures of them.

A post shared by Kathryn Elaine (@forestsandtea) on

A post shared by Kathryn Elaine (@forestsandtea) on

After that, I decided Mori Kei was the fashion for me, and since then it's been practically my daily fashion. Even when I'm not wearing Mori, my casual clothes are usually inspired by it. And that, in a nutshell, is how I got into Mori Kei.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mori Girl 30 Day Challenge (Repost of Prompts)

I was recently thinking about redoing the Mori Girl 30 Day challenge that I had completed a number of years ago. Unfortunately, when I went to look for the original by Shady Oaks, it seems to have been deleted. So I've decided to repost all of the prompts here so that the challenge doesn't die out! If anyone can find the original post, then please let me know so I can link it here (it could be that the name of the tumblr has changed, or something like that).

***Update* I forgot to mention when I first posted this that it is not only for mori girls, it works for all mori folk! I replaced the word girl with kei in the list so that it's more neutral, but it was the Mori Girl Challenge when it was created.***

Here are the prompts:

  1. Naturally, our first question is how did you get into Mori Kei?
  2. Who is/are your Mori idols? Who inspires your fashion?
  3. Have you ever lived in a rural environment? If you have, do you think it influenced your Mori-ness? If not, do you think living in a suburban or urban environment influenced your style any?
  4. Name 5 things you love about Mori.
  5. Name 5 things you dislike about Mori.
  6. What sort of things, outside of fashion, do you consider to be a part of a Mori lifestyle?
  7. Are you also into Lolita? I find a lot of Mori Girls do Lolita as well! Whether you are or aren't a Lolita, why do you think this is?
  8. What is your favorite type of plant life? Whether it be tree, bush, flower, fruit or vegetable, why is it so special to you?
  9. List 10 words that remind you of Mori or inspire your Mori life.
  10. What are your favorite books? Do you think they are Mori or not?
  11. Name 5 of your favorite Mori style songs or musicians, even if they're not explicitly "Mori".
  12. Name 5 Mori style hobbies!
  13. What films, if any, inspire your Mori look and life?
  14. Do you like to coordinate the colors in your outfits to match the seasons? What colors do you think are most appropriate for each season, and why, if you'd like to explain?
  15. Post a photo of your favorite personal Mori coordinate.
  16. Post at least 5 photos that inspire you. They don't necessarily need to be fashion!
  17. What’s your favorite season and why?
  18. Are you inspired by any foreign cultures other than Japan? What about them inspires you?
  19. Are you inspired by your own culture? If so, how do you incorporate it? 
  20. How do you feel about the fairly prevalent use of fur in Mori Kei?
  21. Where do you get most of your Mori clothes?
  22. What trends do you see taking the mori girl community by storm soon?
  23. Is your hair long or short? What’s your favorite hairstyle?
  24. Give us a mori girl inspired vignette! (a short, impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a particular insight into a character, idea, or setting) Don’t fret too hard over it, we’re not all writers by trade, haha. 
  25. What’s your favorite animal and why?
  26. When you’re out in nature, where do you often find yourself? (in the woods, a lake, river, etc. what’s your favorite spot? describe it for us!)
  27. What’s your favorite fairy tale or myth?
  28. Has getting into mori girl changed your perspective on life or how you live at all? how so?
  29. What other fashions are you interested in if any?
  30. Describe your ideal ‘mori day.’
I'll be redoing this challenge soon, in more depth. So stay tuned for that! If you haven't completed it yourself, you should definitely give it a try! It's a lot of fun. If you have completed it, or you do complete it in the future, please send me the link! I'd love to read all of your answers!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mori Kei and Minimalism: The Capsule Wardrobe Dilemma

This is a continuation of my discussions about Mori Kei and minimalism. This post in specific will focus on the idea of capsule wardrobe approach. Since I've already discussed this before, this post will be a lot shorter. Especially since I have never actually made a mori kei capsule wardrobe, nor have I ever seen anyone else make one. So all of this is speculation and imagination on my part!

Often when people think of a capsule wardrobe, they think of people who own only 15 pieces in their entire wardrobe. (If you aren't aware of what the typical minimalist capsule wardrobe would look like, there are some good resources here, and here.) However, a capsule wardrobe can actually be much larger, ranging from as small as 15 pieces, to 20 or even 30 pieces. But while that amount may seem all well and good for someone who wears blouses and jeans, it seems a bit unrealistic for someone who wears mori kei. So when we talk about a mori kei capsule wardrobe, we'll have to acknowledge that it will always be a bit larger than the typical capsule wardrobe. I would envision it to be closer to 40-50 items, although I think it would be possible to go smaller. It would simply depend on personal style and daily needs. 

Although I've yet to make a capsule wardrobe myself, based on already existing ideas I've come up with a sample idea for 30 item capsule wardrobe. This is obviously just a template and could be added to, or taken from, based on whatever you need.


Sample, all-seasons, mori kei capsule wardrobe:
  • Four dresses 
    • One white dress
    • One cream/beige dress
    • One Brown Dress
    • One fun dress (pattern or color)
  • Four skirts
    • One lace skirt
    • Once brown skirt
    • One white skirt
    • One fun skirt (pattern or color)
  • Four blouses
    • One short sleeved blouse
    • One long sleeved blouse
    • One sleeveless blouse
    • One fun blouse (pattern or color)
  • Four sweaters
    • One brown sweater
    • One tan sweater
    • One cream sweater
    • One fun sweater (pattern, color, or harder to work with)
  • Three scarves
    • One brown
    • One white
    • One lace
  • Three pairs of shoes
    • One pair of lace up, high boots
    • One pair of ankle boots
    • One pair of sandals or sneakers
  • One shawl
    • Could be cream or brown, but should be versatile
  • Two bags
    • One fancier (lace, color, basket, etc.)
    • One practical (backpack, larger bag, simple leather, etc.)
  • One hat
    • Could be a sun hat or a knitted hat
  • Three pairs of tights
    • One cream
    • One brown
    • One fun pair (color or pattern)
  • One pair of pants
    • Either cotton in brown or cream, or mori kei type jeans
So what do you think? Do you feel, like me, that a mori kei capsule wardrobe is achievable? Or do you think minimalism and mori fashion just don't mix? Have you ever considered putting a capsule wardrobe together? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one. Until next time my deers!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Mori Music Finds: La La Leah

Today's mori music find is the little YouTuber, La La Leah. I found her channel by accident when I was looking for covers of a Dodie Clark song, and I fell in love with her beautiful voice and sweet smile. She's currently almost at 200 subscribers, but in my opinion, she deserves way more! She's an amazing musician, and not only are her covers lovely, her original music is amazing. So please do check her out. I can assure you it will definitely be worth your time.

Have you heard of La La Leah? If so, how did you like her music? If not, I hope you enjoy! Happy listening!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mori Kei Things I Miss (video)

I recently did a little walk down memory lane on my youtube channel, to look at some mori things I miss. Here it is if you're interested!

And here are all the pictures and links used in the video:

Wonder Rocket: 

Mori Street Snaps:

Yuki Nagashima:

Go Halainn:

Georgia from Sunny Morning Diarys:

Miss Kellie: