Saturday, April 26, 2014

30 Day Mori Girl Challenge: Questions 1-5

I did this a while ago on my old blog, Forests and Tea, but now I'm going to do it again! Not many things have changed since I did this last, but some have. So it's time for an update!

1. Naturally, our first question is how did you get into Mori Girl?

I discovered Mori Girl by accident. I was attempting to discover if there were any other Japanese street styles other than Lolita. I fell in love instantly, and immediately corralled my mother into helping me re-invent my wardrobe.

2. Who is/are your Mori Girl idols? Who inspires your fashion?

For my Mori Girl lifestyle as well as fashion, Aoi Yu has always been a big one, ( I feel like every Mori Girl says that but it's true!) Popoyans, Ichiko Aoba, Natalie Newman, and Shani Deer as well. Fashion wise however I usually browse pinterest. However the main model for Dear Li ( Although I don't know her name) has always been a big one for stlye.

Isn't she the most adorable Mori Girl you've ever seen?! 

3. Have you ever lived in a rural environment? If you have, do you think it influenced your Mori-ness? If not, do you think living in a suburban or urban environment influenced your style any?

I don't live in a specifically rural environment, but I do live a ways out from the heart of my town in a small sub division. It's rather green, with lots of trees and a decent sized creek running near my house. Growing up we always played outside, climbed trees, waded in the stream, and other things like that. My family also likes to camp, so we went on camping trips often. I think it has definitely influenced my Mori-ness. I care about nature, and my footprint on the world very much. I like to be natural as often as I can, although it is hard in the area in which I live. Style wise, I don't think it's affected me, but lifestyle wise it most definitely has.

4.Name 5 things you love about Mori Girl.

All the lace accents, the comfortable clothing, the people, the focus on loving the little things in life, and the aesthetic.

5. Name 5 things you dislike about Mori Girl.

How small the community is (there are no Mori Girls even relatively near my area at all!), the inconsistency of people saying they are "Mori Girls" and then hardly ever dressing like one or not living out the lifestyle what-so-ever, all the fights over whether or not to wear fur, the lack of places to buy clothing, and the discrimination of your style by people who won't take the time to understand. (That was really hard! I love almost everything about Mori Girl!)


  1. I love the main model of Dear Li, she's so beautiful and mori!!!

    Sigh, is so sad to think how small the community is, I never met a mori girl :(
    Instead I find the fur fight quite interesting for the definition of the style.
    And I have to say I wear mori a lot less than some time ago :( But I don't like my life to be defined by a style, I prefer to do what makes me happy when I can. And mori makes me happy pretty often :D

  2. :( Yeah, I wish I could actually meet a mori girl in my daily life... My friends are probably getting tired of hearing about the style/lifestyle haha :))