Monday, September 4, 2017

Mori Girl Challenge: Day 18

Day 18: Are you inspired by any foreign cultures other than Japan? What about them inspires you?

I'm very much inspired by Ireland, mainly because I have a lot of family ties to that country. On one side of my family, they're pretty much full-blooded Irish, and they follow a lot of Irish traditions. So I've always loved Ireland because of my heritage.

I love the beautiful scenery there, and I think the nature there is just breathtaking. I also grew up eating Irish food, so I love that too. And of course, I adore all types of folk music, and Irish folk music is no exception to that rule. If you want to know how much I adore Irish folk tunes, then look no further than the fact that I went to a Celtic Women concert (where the audience was primarily over 50) and smiled so much while I was there that my face literally ached. However, I'm not really inspired by Ireland fashion wise, nor any other foreign cultures really. But I do feel inspired by Ireland in other aspects of my life. I really hope to visit there someday and to meet with my distant relatives. My Great Grandfather, before he passed away, met with a lot of our relatives there, and got to see the brewery that they owned. He brought back some amazing stories and pictures!

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