Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mori Music Finds: Misc (3)

For today's Mori Music Find, I have yet another compilation of various songs from various artists. All are lovely in their own right, but none are long enough for their own dedicated post. So, I am sharing them here for you all instead!

1) 11.11 by sugar analog:
This instrumental piece is charming and relaxing, with the lovely sounds of birds and airy voices, it makes you feel almost as if you were walking through a field of wildflowers on a sunny day! 

2) Grizzly Man by Rockettothesky:
This song is quite unique. It has very ubiquitous lyrics and a fantastical, mystical sound. The singer almost mumbles the words at times, helping immerse you in the music, feeling almost as if you were in a mystical world.

3) Love by Yozoh:
This song is charming and simple. With a primarily acoustic sound and a soft singer, it's both relaxing and fun to listen to!

4) Oh Whistle and I'll Come To You My Lad (Traditional) by Patricia Hammond: 
This song is a rather average sounding folk tune, but in this case, it's the musician that makes it worth the listen! Ms. Hammond is both an amazing singer, and she plays the unique instrument, the autoharp, in such a perfect accompaniment to her vocals. The acoustics of the room she's in also give the song such a wistful and lovely feel. 

5) A Sunny Spring Day by Three Berry Icecream:
This song is a charming instrumental piece that makes me feel like I am happily enjoying a delicious treat in a local cafe. No other way to describe than happy and cute!

Have you ever heard any of these songs before? If so, how did you like them? If not, I hope you enjoyed them!

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