Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Mori Music Finds: Misc (4)

Hello my deers! I'm taking another break from my almost mori series to give you another mori music posts! I have another collection of individual songs for you this time. Hope you enjoy!

1) Suddenly by Predawn: This song is both charming and soft in tone, and also in appearance. The music video has such a mori vibe, and I think it is very lovely!

2) Rainy Day by Lucite Tokki: The only word to describe this song is calming. Between the rainy sounds in the background and the cute music, it never fails to cheer me up and relax me!

3)トイレの神様 (Toire no Kamisama) by Kana Uemura 植村 花菜: This soft, acoustic song by Uemura is both lovely and heartbreaking. It follows the real-life story of difficulties between Uemura and her grandmother as she grows up. Although it is rather long, I always find myself listening to it occasionally and humming along, unable to stop listening. It's a lovely, emotional piece, and soothing to listen to.

4) はるのはるか (Faraway Spring) by (cover by Sotte Bosse): This song is soft and melancholy, but quite lovely. I quite prefer it to the original, and I love how they managed to give an older sounding song a new, unique sound.

5) Bloom by The Paper Kites: This song is well known by a lot of mori folk. It's fun and folksy, and the music video is just as mori as the music! It was one of the first "mori" songs recommended to me, and it remains one of my favorites.

Have you ever heard any of these songs before? If so, how did you like them? If not, I hope you enjoyed them! Happy listening!

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