Saturday, August 13, 2022

Mori Challenge Draw 2022: Prompts 1-11

Quite a while back, in 2015 in fact, a lovely person who was active in the mori community at the time made a set of prompts to follow for drawing, known as the Mori Challenge. I completed the challenge ages ago on Instagram, right when I was starting to take my art more seriously. But I recently started revisiting the challenge this year. I'm working through the prompts slowly, but I felt like sharing them with you all here, including a little behind-the-scenes info and inspirations.

You can find a list to all of the prompts archived on my blog here. Feel free to try them out yourself! You can also keep track of my art on the art Instagram, forestsandtea_art!

1) Comfort Food: I have many comfort foods, but my ultimate Japanese comfort food has been curry and rice with pork katsu! The taste is so delicious, and it can easily be purchased at any family-style Japanese restaurant. So it was an obvious choice for my first piece. (Also, this was one of my first finished pieces with Procreate! It's been fun learning to use a new software.)

2) Mind Garden: This little piece features one of my (still unnamed) original creatures. The bottle is a stock image by the way, but I had fun making this cute little piece!

3) Furry Friends: Some of my favorite animals are snakes, hedgehogs, and foxes! The kanji says "森と茶" (もりとちゃ/mori to cha) which translates to my username in Japanese (forests and tea).
4) Goblin King: I can't stand goblins, so I simply drew the Goblin King crown from the Hobbit movies. I don't really care for this piece, but it did push me out of my comfort zone when it comes to drawing.

5) Memento Mori: This is a redraw of an older piece with a similar theme. Nothing special, but I messed around with different brushes. Not my usual style and probably something I won't revisit, but it was fun. 

6) Mushroom Mori: I love mushrooms and I love purple! So this was a very fun little piece. It makes me want to draw more mushrooms!

7) Winter Mori: This one was just fun. I just drew what I wanted to and I think it came out pretty cute!

8) Summer Mori: The prompt was to draw a mori swimsuit. I have swimsuits and I hate swimming, but I tried to go for a hama vibe. I left it as a sketch because I honestly couldn't be bothered to finish it.

9) Traditional: This piece is also a redraw from the previous challenge. It has a lot of personal meaning based on an ancestor of mine who had an interesting (and somewhat tragic) life. She was from the Cherokee tribe, so I based the designs on that. 

10) Favorite Color: My favorite color is purple, but I made a simple sketch for this one using a quote of an account I love.

11) Least Favorite Color: Other than beige, I dislike all the shades of colors used in this piece. But it actually turned out fine, surprisingly!
I plan on continuing this challenge in the coming months, so stay tuned for more illustrations! If you decide to try the mori challenge let me know! I'd love to see what everyone creates.

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