Saturday, August 27, 2022

Mori Kei 30 Day Challenge: 2022 Revamp

Many, many years ago (and by that I mean almost 10 years ago now wow I feel old) a tumblr user called Shady Oaks made the first and most well known list of mori prompts, known as the Mori Girl 30 Day Challenge. The prompts were very well loved and many people completed them multiple times, including myself! But by this point, the prompts are kind of old and some of them are a little too specific to the time, in my opinion. So, I thought, why not make my own list of prompts! 

I decided to use some of the original prompts, but I've also added some of my own questions to spice things up. Hopefully you enjoy, and please make sure to link me your responses if you complete this challenge!

The Prompts

  1. How did you discover mori kei? What attracted you to the style?
  2. What was your first mori outfit? Share pictures or describe it. How does it compare to your current style?
  3. What are your inspirations for your own fashion style? Do you have anyone that inspires your style? Or any themes?
  4. How does where you live influence your expression of mori kei? 
  5. Let's talk about lifestyle! What do you consider to be activities that fit a "mori lifestyle"? Do you have any "mori hobbies"?
  6. What is your favorite hairstyle to wear with mori?
  7. What season is your favorite to wear mori, and why?
  8. What trends or changes do you wish would become popular in the mori community?
  9. Name 5 things you love about mori kei.
  10. Name 5 things you dislike about mori kei.
  11. Plan an ideal "mori meetup"! What activities would you do? Where would you go? Let your imagination run wild!
  12. Have you ever been interested in, or worn, other j-fashion styles (ex. Lolita, Fairy Kei, Decora, etc.)? Do those fashion styles influence your mori style?
  13. What is your favorite place or thing in nature? Share your favorite flower, your favorite tree, or even your favorite hiking spot!
  14. Make a word cloud of the top 10-20 words that describe your mori style and life!
  15. What are your favorite books, movies, or TV shows? Do they have any mori themes?
  16. Name 5 of your favorite mori-style songs or musicians! (They can be explicitly mori, or just feel mori-inspired.)
  17. Do you play any video games, board games, etc.? If so, recommend us your favorite mori-like game!
  18. Where do you get most of your Mori clothes? Have you ever purchased a mori brand piece? 
  19. Post a photo of your favorite personal Mori coordinate. What do you like about it?
  20. Make a mood board or photo collage of images that inspire your mori style and life! You can include fashion, lifestyle, or anything else you like.
  21. Are you interested in Japanese culture? If so, how has it impacted mori kei for you? 
  22. Are you inspired by your own culture or other countries/cultures than Japan? If so, how do you incorporate them into your mori style?
  23. What’s your favorite animal and why?
  24. What’s your favorite fairy tale or myth?
  25. How do you feel about the recent cottagecore trend? Do you find it similar to mori? Have you participated in the trend?
  26. How do people react when you wear mori? Are reactions mostly positive, negative, or a mix? 
  27. What is the most difficult thing about wearing or participating in mori for you? 
  28. What is your biggest tip or trick about wearing mori? Any style hacks, shop suggestions, or so on?
  29. Have you made any mori friends? If so, how did you meet them? Let's share where we can meet with other mori folk!
  30. If you were a mythological creature, what kind of creature would you be? (ex. an elf, a centaur, a witch, etc.)
I will be completing the prompts myself! I hope you can follow along and have fun discussing mori with me! Until next time, my deers!

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  1. That’s a great set of questions, and I think I’ll undertake this challenge in October. I’ll come back and share a link when I’ve completed all 30. Thanks for the inspiration!