Sunday, August 28, 2022

Mori Kei 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Time to complete the new Mori Kei 30 Day Challenge prompts! Let's go!

Day 1: How did you discover mori kei? What attracted you to the style?

I've talked about this before on the internet, but it's been a while. So let's start at the beginning!

I first discovered mori in 2013. I remember it pretty vividly. Before finding mori, I wasn't that interested in fashion. I wore jeans and t-shirts most days, was obsessed with my bright pink converse, and the only non-mainstream fashion pieces I owned were a black punk-style skirt I bought at Hot Topic and then styled once with a t-shirt, and a pair of long black lace gloves.

Enjoy some pictures of pre-mori baby Kathryn. Look at those massive lace gloves and those uggs. Oof.

In 2013, I was casually interested in anime and very interested in Japan. I can't remember exactly how, but I had come across Lolita fashion on the internet. I believe it might have been through anime art? Which I was very into at the time. I liked Lolita and spent some time lurking on Lolita LiveJournal groups like EGL and Daily Lolita. But Lolita felt out of reach for me, especially as a high school student with no money to buy fancy brand dresses. 

This was my first time trying any J-fashion. I was attempting Lolita, and the kind people at daily lolita gave me some good concrit because I clearly had no idea what I was doing. 

Being interested in Lolita, I started thinking, "Hey, are there any other Japanese fashion styles?" Which led me on a google search down the rabbit hole of J-fashion! After a few different searches, mori kei came up. And I was hooked.

I remember vividly saving a ton of pictures and running to tell my mom that I was going to change my style (my mom loves fashion and has always been my biggest supporter.) My mom was stoked, and we went to our local thrift store the next day to put together my first mori outfit. That's another story in itself, but it's safe to say that after that day, I was hooked.

The first mori outfit photo I ever saw! Very 2010s mori style. 

What attracted me to the style was its soft, feminine feel and its connection to nature. I have always loved twirly dresses, lace, anything that made me feel soft and cozy and feminine. And mori can definitely have that feel, but can also feel practical for everyday life. And growing up, nature was also an important part of my life. I spent my childhood camping, playing in the creek, climbing trees, and generally enjoying the outdoors. So a fashion that could connect with that part of my life was important to me. 

How about you? How did you first discover mori?

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