Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Mori Kei 30 Day Challenge: Day 26

Day 26: How do people react when you wear mori? Are reactions mostly positive, negative, or a mix?

I don't wear mori as much as I used to, but when I did wear it almost every day I had a huge mix of reactions. Let me tell you about a few that stand out to me.

For negative, I don't have many, but I did have one experience that was so odd it made me laugh out loud in public. I was in the United States still at the time, and I was inside a Walgreens picking up some medicine. I wasn't even dressed over-the-top, I was wearing a more casual mori style than anything, but at any rate, I guess it was noticeable enough. 

As I was shopping, I felt like someone was looking at me. I looked up to find a woman full-on staring me down, or rather my outfit. She didn't stop looking at me either. She kept looking for an uncomfortably long period of time, before suddenly looking up into my eyes with this strange look of disgust and shock, and then just walking away and out of the store.

I kind of stood there shocked for a moment but after that, I just started laughing. It was so odd! Who gets offended by clothes??

On a positive note, I've had a ton of people come up and compliment my outfits before. But my favorite was once when I went to a Starbucks and a random lady came up to me and suddenly told me I looked like a fairytale princess. I was super flattered and she was very kind. I'll never forget that.

Overall, people's responses are usually positive. Most people are excited to see someone wearing mori, and due to the style's fairly conservative nature, it usually doesn't offend anyone. I always encourage people to wear what they want. It's not as scary as you think after you wear an alternative fashion out for the first time. You'll find that most people are excited and positive to see it.

How about you? What are your most memorable experiences wearing mori kei or other alternative fashion styles? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

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