Thursday, May 8, 2014

30 Day Mori Girl Challenge: Questions 11-15

11. Name 5 of your favorite Mori Girl style songs or musicians, even if they're not explicitly "Mori".

Popoyans, The Civil Wars, Ichiko Aoba (青葉市子), Humbert-Humbert (ハンバトーハンバト), and Mindy Gledhill.

12. Name 5 Mori Girl style hobbies!

Biking, Gardening, Knitting/Crocheting, Reading, and Photography.

13. What films, if any, inspire our Mori Girl look and life?

Miss Potter, The Secret Garden, and Sense and Sensability all have a wonderful Mori feel to them.(Especially Miss Potter!)

14. Do you like to coordinate the colors in you outfits to match the seasons? What colors do you think are most appropriate for each season, and why, if you'd like to explain?

I don't personally do this very often, simply because it's hard to find enough clothes in seasonal colors. I do try to use lighter colors in the warmer months, and darker in the colder months, when I can.

15. Post a photo of your favorite personal Mori Girl coordinate.

This is my favorite as of right now. It's the most traditional looking Mori Girl outfit I've worn yet, I think.

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  1. I have yet to watch miss potter, but now I have it at home, I only have to choose the right moment.
    I have a big obsession with seasonal colours ^^'