Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Variations of Mori Girl: Part 2

This post is going to be a bit longer than the last one, seeing as I have a few more variations for you than last time. And again, if anyone has any other terms they would like to contribute, or if you make a post of your own ideas, please let me know and I will make a master post to link them all together. And please keep in mind that all these variations have come from my own head, and that they are not officially recognized terms.

5.Practical Mori:

A couple girls have mentioned this as a term already in the Mori Girl community, so this one isn't entirely my own making.

This variations consists of little to no lace, heftier, simpler fabrics and silhouette, and looks more suitable for an actual romp in the woods. It can contains hints of any kind of variation of Mori, but the consistent thing in each is the sturdy, and useful feel.

6.Over the Top (OTT) Mori:

I stole this term from Lolita, but I think it applies here as well. Over the Top Mori, or OTT, is usually like any other Mori outfit, but paired with things like antlers, large, unusual, and decorative accessories or clothing, and fawn makeup. This could also be an outfit with more than the usual amount of layers, to the point of almost being excessive.

Keep in mind OTT is not a derogatory term, but just a way to distinguish this variation. I happen to love this variation, I just probably wouldn't wear it as an everyday fashion. I've mostly seen this variation used for costumes, photo shoots, and fashion shows.

7.Casual Mori:

This variation is very simple. Basically, it's everyday clothes with hints of Mori, or it can also be extra simplified versions of a Mori coord.

Maggie, from Dollie Diaries, puts together lovely Casual Mori coords.

8.Yama Girl:

Yama means "Mountain" in Japanese, so this variation contains more things suitable, hypothetically, for a climb. Unlike Mori, this variation includes many bright colors and I've even seen a few with neon colors. Boots and backpacks are a must. And sometimes this style can look very similar to Mori, but other times it looks more like an outfit from a sporting goods store.

Yama girl is an already established term, and can be considered a variation of Mori, but could also be considered a sister style of Mori as well.

9.Hama Girl:

Hama means "Beach" or "Seashore" in Japanese, so this variation focuses more on nautical themes. Stripes, reds and blues, and sailor collars are common. Coords usually contain fewer layers, and are simpler, mainly because of the heat that usually accompanies the seashore.

Hama Girl is also already an established term, and can also be considered a sister style rather than a variation.

What do you think of these terms? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know below, or in my cbox. (Constructive criticism is always welcome!)

(If your picture is featured in this post and you would like it removed or credited, please let me know.)


  1. Thank you for including hama and yama ^^
    I completely agree on this post definitions. I think the style you defined practical has a rustic feel nearer to a farmer than to a fairy.

    1. I'm glad you like it! I wear practical most often, and I usually define it as feeling like a feminine version of a Mountain Man ^u^

  2. I think I'm somewhat of a mix between practical and casual, with a bit of yama thrown in for days when I'm not up to wearing skirts (usually a weather issue). My colour scheme seems to run darker and earthier though, so I suppose I'm sort of a dark mori girl?

    1. If your color scheme is more browns than creams you are probably more Western/European Mori, but if your clothing is more blacks and grays than you are probably Dark Mori. I'll be doing a section on Dark Mori next ^^ Also, pants in mori don't have to be Yama. I've seen pants used in all types of Mori outifts. Fawn and Doll did a series on Mori pants a while ago that you might be interested in checking out.

    2. Oh cool! Thanks for the tips! :D

      I'll check out that fawn and doll series. I remember the name, but I don't remember the platform they're on. Is it a tumblr or a blog?

    3. Quite welcome deer! And she uses a blog ^^


    4. Thanks so much! <3

  3. Lol I feel so honored to have my picture in the OTT list haha. Thanks for using it ^^

  4. just found this style a few days ago- i live in a hot climate so hama mori would probably be useful to me