Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Variations of Mori Girl: Part 3

As always, if anyone has any other terms they would like to contribute, or if you make a post of your own ideas, please let me know and I will make a master post to link them all together. And please keep in mind that all these variations have come from my own head, and that they are not officially recognized terms.

Let's jump right in!

10.Dark Mori:

Dark Mori is almost the same as regular Mori Girl fashion, and is an already established variation. It usually consists of blacks instead of browns, and sometimes uses small skulls and other "creepy" motiffs. Other popular colors are grays, blues, and sometimes dark browns. Dark Mori can contain hints of almost any kind of variation, but colors are always very dark. I've also seen this variation called "Strega" as well.

Shortcuttothestars is well known for Dark Mori Coordinates.

11.Mori Gyaru:

This, like Dark Mori, is an already established variation. Mori Gyaru is basically regular girly Gyaru fashion, but has more natural tones, flower prints, and sometimes more layers. However, skirts remain extra short like in regular Gyaru fashion, the heels are still a must, and it maintains it's "City Girl" look. I enjoy this style, but I often feel like it shouldn't be branded along with Mori Girl. It shares very few similarities fashion wise, and most definitely doesn't carry the lifestyle along with it.

12.Trendy Mori:

This one is rather loosely grouped. And this could probably be called Street Mori as well, but since I've already used that term, I'll stick with Trendy Mori. I would categorize this variation as "Mori Girl with a hint of any street style, or trendy item." This can mean adding non-mori shoes to your Mori outfit, or a t-shirt instead of a blouse, or even something "Mori inspired". I like to think of this as almost having all the components for an outfit, but not being able to find "whatever item" that you need anywhere in your city. So instead, you just use an everyday item.

This example has non-Mori shoes.

This example is more "Mori Inspired", and features a sports jacket.

This one features a tulle skirt, which isn't often seen in Mori. (Synthetic fabric.)

A couple examples with T-shirts.

What do you think of these terms? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know below, or in my cbox. (Constructive criticism is always welcome!)

(If your picture is featured in this post and you would like it removed or credited, please let me know.)


  1. I love Shortcuttothestars!

    I think Dark Mori needs two separate categories: a mori that is dark in the shades, but as for themes and lifestyle is like regular mori and a mori that is dark in the atmosphere and refers to witches, elves, creepy things and has connections with goth fashion, using sometimes items that you don't find in regular mori like ragged skirts, belts (maybe even corsets), pointy hoodies and so on.

    1. I think that the fashion could encompass both, but I might do a post on lifestyle differences because there is a definite difference there.

  2. I decided to follow your blog and also on Tumblr and Instagram. I have been doing a little learning myself on many of the japanese fashion trends. You have a really nice blog and I hope I can keep learning more as you have been doing yourself. Have a great day!