Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Favorite Things: November

November has been a good month for me, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things this November.

I'm really excited for the Mori Girl Google Hangout that the lovely Natalie Newman has started! I was lucky to be a part of some of the initial planning and testing, and I can't wait for the actual thing. We'll all be grabbing our favorite cups of tea, and webcam-ing each other on Dec. 27th. I'll definitely be there, and I hope you will be as well! You can join the Mori Girl Facebook Group and then after you join, you can join the event. Let's hope lots of Mori Girl come!

I'm also loving this Fairytale Forests Stag's Head Handpainted Clock that the lovely Polly Frances Elizabeth has made. She makes such lovely things, and this clock is no different. It's absolutely charming, and I hopefully when the holidays are over I can pick one up for myself!

A super exciting thing happened this month. I won the Mori Box giveaway! I was so excited when Miss Kellie announced she would be making them, and I was super duper excited when I found out I had won! I'll be reviewing my box as soon as I get it. And I hope this will keep going for a while!

The last thing I'm really loving right now is my brother's youtube channel, Revolution Harmonics. They've been participating in something called "Zelda Month", and have been releasing lots of Zelda music covers all November. They do all the instruments themselves, and it's really cool to hear them bring to life my favorite Zelda tunes.

I hope you'll enjoy some of these things as well. And have a blessed Holiday season!

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  1. Great! I was really unlucky on the third week, but this week I got a pricey (used) light table for free and I went to the open day of the japanese school of Milan, so I'm happy!