Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mori Girl Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: What films, if any, inspire your Mori look and life?

I'm not a big fan of movies in general, so I don't know of many mori-esque movies. However, there are a few films that inspire me.

1) Miss Potter

I absolutely adore this movie. I almost didn't watch it because I thought it looked boring, but it turned out to be an absolutely charming portrait of the amazing life of Beatrix Potter, who was herself very mori. It's filmed in the countryside where Miss Potter made her home, and has some amazing scenery, along with the beautiful visuals of her art.

2) Sense and Sensibility (the 1995 version)

I'm not a huge fan of Austin's novels, nor the movie adaptations of them, but Sense and Sensibility is one exception to this. I find the characters in the movie adaptation to be extra charming, funny, and lovable. The story is sweet and the visuals are breathtaking. The English countryside is gorgeous, and to boot, their outfits are stunning. (I especially love all of their straw hats.)

3) Secret Garden (the Hallmark version)

There are a lot of adaptations of the novel The Secret Garden, but none have held a candle to the charming Hallmark adaptation. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I've always loved the visuals and the way the characters came alive in this version. Their version of Dicken was always my favorite as well. He's a true mori boy! Although the ending deviates quite a bit from the original novel, which is quite a shame, it still remains one of my favorite films to this day.

4) Pollyanna

I'm a big fan of old Hailey Mills movies and Pollyanna is no exception. The story is sweet and inspiring, the visuals are charming (especially Pollyanna's gorgeous dresses), and I never fail to finish this movie without a smile on my face. It's a must see in my opinion. I'd also recommend Summer Magic and Moonspinners for more good mori-esque Hailey Mills films.

What are some of your favorite mori movies? I'd love to hear your recommendations!


  1. Children Who Chase Lost Voices (the full movie is available both subbed and dubbed on Youtube)

    Babette's Feast

    The Dark Crystal


    LadyHawke (also known as proof that Matthew Broderick made a deal with the devil for eternal youth)

  2. Thank you for the recommendations my deer! :)