Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mori Girl Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Have you ever lived in a rural environment? If you have, do you think it influenced your Mori-ness? If not, do you think living in a suburban or urban environment influenced your style any?

I live in a semi-rural environment, and I've lived there almost all of my life. I'm outside of city limits, but I'm not quite in a rural area. I can drive fairly quickly to a supermarket or a gas station if I need to, and I'm never more than half an hour or so from places I need to go in town, but even though I'm close to the city the area I live in feels rural.

My house, and my neighborhood, has a lot of trees and other plants. Behind my neighbor's house is a large field, and a decent sized creek. Behind my own house, there is a patch of forest, a multitude of flower beds, and my Mom's garden. I grew up climbing trees, playing in the creek, and doing outside activities with my family and friends. On top of that, I often went camping and hiking as a child. To this day, I still love to hike and camp.

I think growing up in this type of environment, and growing up valuing nature, definitely influenced my style. It fueled my love for natural things, which eventually bled over into my fashion choices. However, I'm not sure how much influence it has had on creating individual coordinates. I don't often feel inspired to create outfits when I'm out in nature. Instead, I usually get inspired by seeing other people's coordinates.

So, long story made short, my love for mori-ness is definitely influenced by where I lived, and how I was raised. But my individual coordinates were not. However, I think that even if a wasn't raised in this environment, I would have still loved Mori Kei. It's just something that resonates with my personality.

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