Monday, August 21, 2017

Mori Kei things I Don't (And Probably Won't) Talk About

I get a lot of requests for advice and information on different Mori Kei topics, and I love that. I enjoy helping out other Mori folk whenever I can! However, there are a few Mori topics that I choose not to talk about. Some are good topics that I just don't feel like I can contribute to, and others are negative topics I refuse to feed into. So I want to put all in one place Mori things I have no plans on talking about, just so I can address them for those who have been asking.

1) Mori Boy fashion.

I am a girl, and I wear girly fashion, so I have absolutely no experience in this area. So for me to talk about this, I would literally just be pulling the information out of nowhere. I know there are not many resources for Mori Boys out there, and I don't know of any that I can share. The only advice I can give is the same I give all types of Mori folk. Look up pictures of outfits (pinterest is a great resource), study how the coordinates work for yourself, look for clothes at thrift shops, and don't let the lack of coordinates and information scare you! If you don't start wearing the fashion and creating it yourself, then there never will be any resources.

2) Mori for different body types.

The reasons I don't talk about this are similar to Mori Boy. I have a fairly average body type, so I don't really have to deal with any issues I hear other people talk about. I just don't have any experiences to weigh in on, nor any advice to give. Again, it will just take you figuring it out for yourself, seeing what works for your specific body type, and what you feel the best in.

3) Mori for different ethnicities, or skin tones.

This one is pretty simple to explain. I only have one skin tone and ethnicity, so I can't really share about anything else. But I should go on record saying that anyone, of any ethnicity or skin tone, can wear Mori in every capacity. Don't let the ridiculous amounts of Japanese models throw you off! Anyone can wear the style and look great!

4) Where to buy Mori clothes online.

I thrift 80% of my wardrobe, and everything I don't thrift is found either at regular clothing stores, Cracker Barrel (great place for Mori Girl clothing by the way), or aliexpress. Aliexpress may be online, but all I do in that case is just search the words 'Mori Kei', and see what comes up. I have no experience of buying from taobao, or other online mori stores, and I have no idea what store you should visit or where the best places to buy clothes are. I made a post a long time ago about some online stores that you can check out if you want (again I have no experiences personally with any of them), but I don't have any plans to talk about anything similar anytime soon.

5) Mori Lifestyle ideas.

This is a more neutral topic. I've made multiple posts over the years about my changing viewpoints on the Mori Lifestyle, but at this point I don't really think there is one. I have no problem with people who do, I just personally don't.

6) Bashing any person's interpretation of Mori Kei (even if I don't like it or don't agree with it).

This should be self explanatory, and I will never touch on this topic. I want to be a positive, kind place for all Mori Folk. I love how different everyone in the community is, and I love seeing how each person interprets the style for themselves. I'd hate it if everyone thought exactly like me when it comes to Mori. I much prefer the diversity. I may make critical analysis if I ever find something I vehemently disagree with (although I don't find that very likely to happen), but I will never be nasty or cruel or put someone down.

For all of these topics, except the last one of course, I suggest that if you want to see more content related to them, you should create them yourself! :) I'd personally love to see more people talking about some of these things more, but as long as people sit there waiting for someone else to do it, it will never get done. If you have ideas or experience, share it with the community! If you don't, maybe you can be the first to make it happen! I hope to see more Mori folk sharing what they know with others, and trying new things. If you do ever share about these topics, let me know! I'd love to be able to use my little corner of the internet to help share your ideas!

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  1. Oh yeah! Cracker Barrel is totally a great place to find coord pieces! My favorite hat and a few scarves come from the place of the Campfire Chicken! Yum!