Sunday, November 1, 2020

Almost Mori: What is Lagenlook?

Today's post is a bit different from past posts in the Almost Mori Series. Today, we're talking about Lagenlook! This fashion isn't directly tied to mori fashion in any way, but often overlaps with and resembles mori fashion. So, I think it's worth a mention.

As always, if you are interested in learning more about Lagenlook, you can take a look at these links for more information.

The Name

The term Lagenlook comes from its creators in Germany. The term means "layered look" and is used to describe the baggy and layered focus of the style. It is hard to tell who originally created this name uncertain, but regardless, the name has become popular with many brands that cater to the style, and is easily recognizable in the alternative fashion community. 

The Fashion

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Lagenlook style, at its core, features baggy clothing pieces, asymmetrical cuts, an overabundance of layers, and an overall quirky and unique style. It is mainly catered towards older women, but can also be seen worn by women as young as their 20s and 30s.

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The style has many similarities to mori. For example, its focus on layers and a baggy silhouette. It also often uses natural colors, fabrics, and even occasionally lace or ruffles. Many lagenlook coordinates could also fit easily under the mori kei umbrella. 

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However, although the style can be very similar to mori, it can also deviate greatly from mori's aesthetic. For example, in lagenlook any colors, including bright colors, are perfectly acceptable. Bold statements like blocks of color, big jewelry pieces, and bold patterns are also often seen.

Unlike mori, lagenlook is also not necessarily nature-inspired or focused, and also has no real rules at all. It also caters to mature women and often plus-sized women as well, where mori is primarily worn by younger women.

(Picture Sources: 1, 2)

Have you heard of mori gyaru? Would you ever consider wearing the style? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and I hope you enjoyed this post! I personally love the freedom of the style and its popularity with older wearers. 

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  1. Since I'm older *and* plus size, maybe I should look into Lagenlook. I still like mori, too, though.

  2. Than you for another interesting post. I have heard of "Lagenlook" but I do not think I have ever seen anyone wearing it IRL so to speak. To me it looks...well a bit (or very...) BIG. I have seen older ladies wearing what could best be described as mori kei and it looks very nice on them. I do not like this "Lagenlook" myself. To me it is too big and too much.

  3. There is a brand in the U.S. that does this type of clothing style but it is called shabby chic or boho chic style in the U.S., the brand is called Magnolia Pearl (Magnolia Pearl has a bad reputation with how they run their business/how they treat their customers/etc. but that's a different topic), but its basically the same as lagenlook targeted to older women and the same types of looks, silhouette, colors, etc. Magnolia Pearl has been around since the beginning of the 1990s and was featured in magazines during the 1990s, magazines that usually were about shabby chic or Victorian home decor, so I wonder if shabby/boho chic style/Magnolia Pearl is older than lagenlook or both the U.S. and Germany came out with this style at the same time.

    I am personally not interested in lagenlook/Magnolia Pearl/boho chic/whatever you would like to call this particular older lady's style, its too tacky, but I am not in that age group so it doesn't appeal to me, but I don't think it would ever appeal to me even if I was in the target age group.