Thursday, September 29, 2022

Mori Kei 30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Name 5 things you dislike about mori kei.

This one is always so hard for me. But I'll try my best.

1) The way that if you don't layer just right it may look frumpy or unflattering. If you are a larger size like me, or have curves, then you know.

2) The fact that it is soooo hard to wear mori in summer. Like, I know, I know. It's possible and people do it. But I get so hot in the summer that I can't be bothered to try.

3) The size of the community is so small these days. It's always been small but it gets smaller and smaller. 

4) How hard it is to find mori-specific pieces. I can find all kinds of pieces that work together no problem, but finding those unique pieces with all the little details? It's rare.

5) The weird and silly things people ask me when I wear mori, including but not limited to: "Are you Amish?", "Is this a religious thing?", "Is that a costume for something?", and my personal favorite "Why don't you ever just wear jeans?" 


  1. I have never been asked any of the questions in #5. Not once. Of course, I live in a college town were anything other than the local college look is seen as a breath of fresh air. And I live right next to Big Valley, which is a huge Amish area in Pennsylvania, with lots of new order Amish and Mennonites coming into town for groceries, so everyone knows what 'Amish' looks like. So the questions you get are regional.

    That doesn't mean that the Amish 'thing' doesn't intersect. I was walking to campus one day past a house having the roof done, when all of the young Mennonite men stopped working to watch me and wonder out loud if I was married. And one of the older men on the crew told them not to bother because the English who dressed like that where always married. XD

    The questions I get, which I don't particularly mind:
    Are you Muslim? (From non-Muslims)
    Are you a convert? Will you come to dinner with my friends/family? (Muslims during Ramadan who assume I haven't made the step to hijab.)
    Are you wearing Lolita? (From people who know a little something about J-fashion and think it's cool.)

    The question I get that kind can get me ticked on a bad day: Aren't you cold? *facepalm*

    1. Funny thing, I also grew up in an area of Amish country lol And yet I still get asked about being Amish even though people see Amish people in our community almost daily??? So strange the things people ask! I never got asked if I was Muslim. That's new to me!