Monday, October 10, 2022

Bibliotheca October Prompt: Magic

For October, the chosen prompt for the Bibliotheca Blog Circle is magic! I'm not a huge fan of Halloween or similar themes, so I'm choosing to take the prompt to explain what I find "magical" about mori kei fashion. I could talk about this topic for ages if you gave me a chance, but I'll try to summarize it here.

1) Whimiscal touches: From lace details and trim, to patchwork fabrics, to even unique embroidery touches and fairytale elements, mori is a simply magical style. So many small, whimsical elements come together in each outfit to make something that honestly feels like you stepped out of a fantasy story. There's nothing like the feeling of wearing your favorite coordinate out in public and feeling like a fairytale character.

2) Focus on natural themes: The stereotype of Choco's "Forest Fairy" is absolutely true! Mori looks at home in the forest, and I love it! Either as a whimsical fairy, or a mysterious wood elf, mori's magical themes fit in perfectly with a forest background. 

                                                                                                         Source: Mori Jayde

3) Community: The mori community is its own kind of magical. Many J-fashion communities, especially abroad, can feel magical. Connecting with people over a shared love of fashion is of course magical in and of itself. But the mori community has been particularly small and close-knit. Due to its small size, everyone knows everyone to an extent, and the most popular people can feel like your friend instead of an idol or celebrity. That connection leads to such a cozy and friendly environment. Additionally, the community has been overall undramatic and kind, which also makes for a magical experience.

4) Focus on slow living: From its creation, mori has had a focus on slowing down and enjoying the moment. Mori people tend to care about environmental awareness, have a focus on family and friends, and love making small everyday activities and hobbies magical. 

How about you? What makes mori feel magical to you? I'd love to hear your answers. Until next time, my deers!


  1. The whimsical fabrics and accents make it feel really magical to me. 🥰💖 Oh I didn't realize there even was a Mori community online! I've never come across one before.

  2. Actually I'm not into Halloween either which is kind of strange bc my whole life until literally last Oct I have always LOVED Halloween!!! But then last Oct I just didn't.... anymore. Somehow my soul felt tired of it and I just had no interest. And this year I tried to be festive but just couldn't get into it. feels a bit weird in a way bc of how I've always enjoyed it before, but I feel like my soul has just fallen completely into this only peaceful things mode. The "dark" and "spooky" energy of Halloween just isn't like brighter themed things...all I feel like doing is listening to the Hobbit movies (I usually do that instead of putting on music) looking at Mori pics and listening to jpop. 😆 Have you always not been into Halloween?