Thursday, October 13, 2022

Mori Kei 30 Day Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: What are your favorite books, movies, or TV shows? Do they have any mori themes?

Although I enjoy a lot of mori-esque media, my all-time favorite media is not so mori-themed. But, I'll share them with you anyways!

Favorite books: 

1) Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier: This book is slow to start, but there is a reason it's a classic. I really enjoy its twists and turns, and it keeps you held captive the entire way.

2) Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien: What can I say, it's a classic. I love the details, the world-building, the memorable characters, all of it really! It's a magical experience.

3) The Loop and The Vault by Jon Ingold: These ones are odd to recommend, they are tie-in novels for one of my favorite games "Heaven's Vault". But they stand well enough on their own. They are thrilling and moving adventures with memorable characters and settings. If you liked the game, I absolutely recommend it. And if you've never played them but enjoy a fantasy/sci-fi setting with a bit of mystery, I also recommend it.

Favorite TV shows: 

1) Doctor Who: I thought I would grow out of this phase but nope. I'm still an active watcher of Doctor Who. It's just a great show. It's funny, emotional, complex, and so creative. My favorite doctors are Two, Ten, Eleven, and Thirteen. (And even though they did Thirteen and her companions dirty with a lot of the recent series writing, I still adore Jodie Whittaker's performance.)

I'm basic, so my favorite and most recommended episodes would be "Blink" and any of the episodes featuring the Ponds. 

2) The Goes Wrong Show: I am a massive fan of anything by the Goes Wrong crew. The actors are brilliant, the jokes are perfection, and I always laugh so hard I literally cry every time I watch an episode. It's hard to find them online these days, but if you can find them, the episodes won't disappoint. I highly recommend their Christmas BBC specials as well, my favorite is their rendition of "The Christmas Carol".

Favorite Cartoons: 

1) Over the Garden Wall: This show is definitely mori-eqsue, with its forest setting and cozy vibes. But my real reason for adoring this show, aside from the characters, is the music! As a musician, and a historian, I love how the show cycles through eras of American history and musical styles as the show progresses. The story is also charming, short, and sweet, and I really enjoyed the entire series. I always rewatch it again when the chilly autumn air returns each year. 

2) Gravity Falls: Another classic. I have rewatched this series so many times and it never gets old. It's hilarious, has great character interactions, and has storylines that are so well planned out. If you like puzzles and mysteries, spooky themes, cryptids and conspiracy theories, and heartwarming stories, it's a must-watch. 

How about you? What are your favorite media recommendations?

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